Most Requested Professionals in the Sectors? Professional Change

Most Requested Professionals in the Sectors? Professional Change

Are you thinking of undertaking a professional change in the coming months? If so, you must know the forecasts for the labour market. What will be the areas and profiles with the most significant demand for employment? What can we expect from wages? We tell you everything in our Remuneration Study 2022. 

Resilience and Adaptation Continue to Mark the Demand of Companies

If 2021 marked the first contact of many organizations with hybrid work environments, in which face-to-face and teleworking models merge when possible, its consolidation is expected this year. 

To extract the full potential of these new work models, organizations will continue to look for professionals with skills such as flexibility, resilience and adaptation to change.

And what are the aspects that professionals value the most to embark on a professional change? In recent months, their priorities have changed, and flexibility, well-being and work-life balance are now at the top of their list. So much, so that teleworking has gone from being an incentive to a non-negotiable requirement in some sectors, such as technology. 

A solid corporate culture also becomes a differentiating aspect for the candidates, who especially value that diversity and inclusion be given prominence.

And what can we expect from social benefits in 2022? An upward trend is the customization of flexible remuneration packages so that the employees themselves adapt the benefits offered by the organization to their specific health, leisure, sports or training needs. 

We will also see the implementation of sabbatical periods as a desirable incentive to promote the well-being of employees.

Sectors and Profiles that Offer More Opportunities

Although the reactivation of the labour market in recent months has been noticeable in practically all sectors for qualified shapes, some areas and positions have registered a more pronounced increase.

The Technology area continues to lead the demand for professionals, which has grown by 40% in recent months and is expected to increase to 100% in 2022 and 2023 to respond to the data-driven trend. 

Who are the most requested professionals in the sector? Development profiles, Software Engineers and Programmers monopolize a large part of the offers, and the demand for C-level profiles is also increasing. 

This imbalance between supply and demand, together with the aggressive search for technological talent by the start-up ecosystem and the growing number of professionals who work remotely for foreign companies with high salaries, will mark the salary trend in the sector, which will have increases 10% means.

Digital is another of the fastest growing sectors in recent years, and in 2022 this positive trend is expected to continue. 

The companies that will demand digital talent to a greater extent are those related to the Retail, Banking, Technology, Consumer Goods and Logistics sectors since they will strengthen their sales channels due to the rise of e-commerce. 

In which positions will there be more opportunities? Companies native to the digital environment will look for technical profiles, such as Growth, Analysis or Performance. 

Those in the digitalization process will demand 360º shapes to lead their digital strategy or specialized roles such as SEM Specialist Social Ads or CRM.

The Engineering area is going through a joyous moment and has returned to pre-pandemic hiring levels, which will lead to a salary forecast in 2022 with increases between 5% and 10%. 

The most demanded profiles continue to be those related to ​​operations, process improvement and project management, but positions focused on Maintenance, HSE and Sustainability are also added. 

Although the technical component is still a fundamental requirement, complete professionals are sought.

The Sustainability area experiences the most significant growth in terms of profiles, departments and business areas as it becomes one of the priorities of CEOs, consumers, and potential employees. Along these lines, in 2021, the demand for professionals grew by 50%, mainly for expert profiles for managerial positions. 

What are these new profiles? We find jobs such as Corporate Director of Sustainability, Sustainability Technician, ESG Director or Director of Energy Certification.

In the case of the Healthcare sector, the pharmaceutical industry has promoted a significant reactivation, with an increase in selection processes of 23% in the last year. 

Commercial Delegates for specialized clinics and the pharmacy channel and scientific profiles and laboratory specialists for in vitro diagnostic companies head the list of most sought-after professionals. However, salaries remain stable, except in care profiles, which register a rise in their remuneration.

And which sectors could still be affected by the pandemic in 2022? Those that require physical presence to perform their functions, such as Fashion Retail, Tourism and some Leisure segments, could curb their demand for employment and experience salary moderation during 2022 while waiting to know the evolution of the market. 


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