What is a Technology Consultancy and How Can it Help Companies

What is a Technology Consultancy and How Can it Help Companies

Technological consulting is a service that is still very unknown to freelancers and companies that, however, can help them digitize themselves and increase their sales. 

Despite their efforts to catch up, most freelancers and small businesses continue to have significant deficiencies in terms of digitization. Although the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the collective, there are still more than two million businesses in several countries that do not even have a website, according to the report The Digitalization of SMEs 2021, prepared by the National Observatory of Technology and Society (ONTSI). 

Today, not being up to date with digital tools not only prevents freelancers and companies from reaching thousands of potential customers who only use the internet to buy, but it also means falling behind the competition since, without the right technology, operating costs are higher. The pace of business is much slower. Precisely, advising and monitoring companies in their digital transformation is one of the main objectives of technology consultancies that, in recent years, have become increasingly necessary.

Although this type of service is still very unknown for minor activities, the truth is that any self-employed person, company and even individual can benefit from the advice and support of these consultancies. The function of these activities ranges from reinforcing cybersecurity, which is necessary today in almost any company, to advising and training businesses in all sectors to optimize their operations and reduce costs using the appropriate digital tools.

Specializing in supporting digital business transformation processes and providing security services, such as DevOps software development-, cloud -data and files in the Cloud- and digital infrastructure. 

What can a Technology Consultancy offer Companies?

Identifying what training is needed, what tools, systems or platforms are appropriate, implementing and maintaining them, and evolving them by optimizing costs and integrating with other participants is the most accurate definition of technology consulting. It is about establishing the moment in which a business or department is, what needs it has, making a value proposal that improves its daily operations and managing to implement it through the positive acceptance of the people who will use it.

How Would you Explain What you do to Someone? 

We are dedicated to helping. If a company has problems with its server infrastructure, architecture, databases or security, we identify the problem and solve it. When a company wants to renew and improve its information systems, we promptly advise them through situation analysis, a value proposal, and an execution plan. 

If a department or area wants to extend its knowledge with top-level professionals, specialists in cutting-edge fields such as Cloud, Security, DevOps or Infrastructure, we support them.

What is Digital Transformation? 

Fundamentally it is to renew welcome changes that are improvements for those involved and that do not necessarily have to be a painful or traumatic process, on the contrary. 

As we said before, introducing new tools, philosophies, and methods is a challenge and can even be understood as a generational barrier. Therefore, how they are trained and used, in full coexistence with the people who will use them, define the scope of the term digital transformation.

What can Companies do to Adapt to this Digital Transformation? 

The first and fundamental step is an internal reflection, from the highest status within the organization to the team member with the most specific skills. 

This situation analysis, carried out internally in the first instance, must be contrasted with the outside world. This identifies the point at which an organization concerns the natural evolution of the environment and technologies. It is intuited by looking at its evolutionary history the change management capacity. Not all organizations have the same power or go through the same stages. 

After this analysis, placing oneself in the hands of a specialized partner enjoying the organization’s trust is critical since it is a path which must take care of many organizational, temporal, economic and technological aspects must take care of many administrative, material, financial and technical aspects, but above all, human aspects.

What Kinds of Services do Companies Mandate of You? 

The truth is that of all kinds. Our letter of introduction is the one we told you about: Information security, DevOps, Extended support, Migrations and architectures to the Cloud, but we can undoubtedly affirm that we have been recognized as a technological boutique with high specialization and an apparent adaptive capacity to address challenges of all kinds. 


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