How to Find the Best Candidates for IT Support Roles?

How to Find the Best Candidates for IT Support Roles?

Unlike other sectors, the technology sector has not been negatively affected by the Covid crisis, but, on the contrary, its talent needs have been increasing. 

This is the case of the IT support function, which has become relevant when a large majority of employees continue to work from home, at least part of the time, making it essential to offer them a good helpdesk service, applications and a secure network.

In this context of high demand for IT professionals, how can you ensure that you select the best candidates?

Potential and Personality, Keys of the Candidates

It is important to note that there is no perfect candidate who possesses all the excellent skills, experience, and knowledge. 

Instead, it is preferable to look at potential and personality. Is this a candidate eager to learn? Do you have development potential within the organization? If the answers are yes and as long as you have the basic skills, there is a good chance of success.

And once you get a good candidate, how can you get them interested in your offer? We should not forget that technology professionals are attracted to companies that offer them opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. 

The possibility of working with new tools or solutions can sometimes be more decisive in accepting an offer than the salary itself.

Digitization as a Catalyst for Change

The Covid crisis has only accelerated digitization in all sectors, putting technology at the centre of organizations. This digitization, together with teleworking, has increased the importance of a sound IT infrastructure, management and security, and a remote helpdesk service.

To select IT support talent, it is essential to turn to professionals with experience in the sector. 

Recruitment consultants like Page Personnel are in constant contact with candidates who are part of their network, even if they aren’t proactively looking to change jobs at the time. 

Sometimes, when an offer from a client arrives, they already have suitable candidates located within their network, which saves considerable time.

Another advantage of going to a recruitment consultant is that they can go beyond your resume and assess the candidates’ personality, taking into account whether or not they fit in with the team or with that particular organization. 

This aspect is practically at the same level of importance as the technical skills.

In the case of candidates, they especially value that recruitment consultants tend to worry about their long-term fit in the position they are being offered.


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