Best Freelance Apps & Platforms in the year 2020

Best Freelance Apps & Platforms in the year 2020

Freelance platforms assist organizations with unexpected sourcing workers for undertakings or occupation jobs that don’t require perpetual work. Freelance platforms permit autonomous experts to make profiles, share work portfolios, and speak with potential businesses.

On these platforms, associations can look through an index of competitors dependent on aptitudes, experience, and other hunt measures. These capacities assist organizations with concentrating on their centre business exercises and re-appropriate undertakings, which might be time or work serious or require abilities that are as of now missing from the organization.

Freelance platforms can be utilized by associations of all sizes that each require amazing work for various reasons. While little associations may re-appropriate certain errands because of budgetary limitations, mid-market or endeavor associations are bound to use freelance administrations because of a requirement for a specific range of abilities in a one-of-a-kind undertaking.

By utilizing freelance platforms, associations can source visual originators, editors, interpreters, Social Media Marketer, Content Writers, and different kinds of freelancers for transitory agreements.

Freelance platforms generally involve easy professional service automation (PSA) features for billing, time tracking, and task control.

As you can see, gig employment is now almost “a way of life” for a substantial portion of the global workforce, and firms can capitalize on this chance significantly. So, how do you find, engage, and retain top-tier gig workers? From specialized, project-based services to contingent workers who fill a labour shortage.


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital assistance. Fiverr allows you to browse the range of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A permitted service on Fiverr is called a Gig.

Signing up for Fiverr is free. Only registered users can purchase and sell on Fiverr. You can obtain the services you need by browsing the Fiverr catalogue in various categories, or by using Fiverr’s search engine and filters to achieve a specific service or seller.


Upwork is the best flexible talent solution for businesses looking to scale teams, crush KPIs, and get further done.

We pair activities with remote, proven pros from around the globe using unmatched matching technology and services to find the perfect talent. Flexibility, transparency, and scalability. That’s what Upwork delivers. In-demand skill on demand.

AppJobs GAP

AppJobs Gig-worker Acquisition Platform (GAP) is an end-to-end explication for hiring gig workers.

The platform does more than just post jobs and collects applications. You can start a recruitment marketing campaign in over 350 cities across 35 countries. AppJobs GAP comes with a Dedicated Campaign Analyst to manage you on your recruitment marketing journey.

The gig economy is yet a nascent space when it appears to recruitment marketing. But as interest for top-tier freelance talent intensifies, HR will have to consider advertising and marketing to gig workers proactively. This is an excellent platform to achieve this. What’s more, AppJobs GAP’s proprietary algorithm targets workers based on their location, language, and interest, giving you the best returns from every ad.


The Skyword360 platform embeds content at the core of all marketing activities. Skyword360 is intended to ensure all cross-channel planning, content creation, and activation aligns with an enterprise’s overall content strategy and marketing goals.

With this content-centric approach, marketing heads are empowered to produce unique and aligned customer experiences that differentiate their brands and drive measurable results.

Skyword360 presents tools for all of the essential elements of content services: strategy, planning, creation, collection, activation, personalization, and optimization. With an international freelance community from over 46 countries and the ability to translate the platform into 14 languages, content operations can be seamlessly performed at scale.


The basis of the FreelanceDiary is secure. It enables you to hire freelancers and begins with an in-built calendar and contact list app to manage gig workers. Importantly, it targets workers in specialized service industries, ones who are expected to fall under tax form 1099.

FreelanceDiary syncs its built-in calendar with other ecosystems such as Apple and Google. You can inspect your freelancer’s schedules as well, sending invites based on their availability and receiving quotes at a click. The gig economy app regularly adds new freelancers so that you can choose from a vast talent pool.

FreelanceDiary is priced on a commission basis, which is 9% for booking and 3% on payments. Added operated services are priced at an as-needed basis.


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