Programming Languages to learn in 2021 – Software Development

Programming Languages to learn in 2021 – Software Development

Many IT jobs now require that their employees have a stable grip of the top programming languages – yes, more than one. If you are seeing to advance in your career and looking for the best programming language to learn, this would be the best guide.

Everyone grasps that in today’s digitally advanced world how technology is growing at a fast pace. It has grown pretty standard to watch alternative technologies exceeding each other constantly with daily updates & elevations.

A simple question amongst newcomers is the programming language they should invest in, command, stable outlook, and many jobs.

What is Programming Language

A programming language is a means of interfacing with machines in a standard way. Programming languages certification course is essential to learn the creation of software and applications that we practice in our day-to-day life.

Programming Language is the most important requirement for almost every system, whether it be Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, or any additional.

Before opting out for a particular programming language, trainees are fully required to view several crucial aspects such as demand & popularity, job opportunities, applications, etc.

Which Programming Language to learn in 2021

It would help to examine some aspects: willingness to learn, stress level, enduring knowledge, judgment to learn the top programming languages, and more. Whether you need to get a certification in programming or develop mobile applications, there is necessary to learn the programming language.

Each programming language is intended for a particular object and has its comparative values and faults.

1. C

C is the oldest programming language, and it works as a source for other programming languages like C#, Java, and Javascript.

It is a general-purpose, dominant procedural language created to support cross-platform programming. This language has a short and set number of keywords but various arithmetics, bitwise, and logic operators.

2. JavaScript

Many languages appeared and left, but JavaScript is one of those rare, renowned languages possessing a long run and needs in the programming world.

JavaScript has been ranked under the top 10 programming languages for many years consistently. The Stack Overflow study describes that JavaScript is the most widespread language among developers.

3. Python

The most generally used programming language now, Python, has immediately developed into the option language for most newcomers.

This is due to its efficiency in readability. Python is a free, open-source programming language and has simple integration methods. Here’s a guide about Python VS JavaScript to understand the key differences between them.

4. Java

Java is the general-purpose programming language with an object-oriented formation that works as a standard for applications that can be utilized on any platform due to its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capabilities.

Java programmers are actively included in a category of forums where they vet plans or work programming problems.

5. R Language

R has witnessed an exponential growth in its ranking on several alleged indexes for programming languages. Especially on the TIOBE ranking, it has dived to 9th position from 16th position within more than one year.

6. Kotlin

JetBrains originally developed Kotlin in 2011. Yet, the first version of Kotlin was released in 2016 and is interoperable with functional programming languages and Java.

Kotlin has many applications and can be utilized for desktop applications, web applications, android applications, and server-side application development.

7. PHP

If you think that PHP does not deserve learning in 2021, you must understand that the language is yet doing quite well in the programming world and is favored by the developers.

PHP is currently one of the numerous preferred server-side web technologies. Programmers generally use it for analyzing custom web application development. The main objective for creating PHP was to keep a personal homepage, but now it has accepted a meaningful percentage of websites globally.


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