Keys to Success for any Business | Strategies to Improve Sales

Keys to Success for any Business | Strategies to Improve Sales

The work of the sales team is, without a doubt, one of the keys to success for any company. And at the same time, the fact that all the departments are aware of its importance and row in the same direction is precisely what can help optimize the strategy of a sales team fully. 

The experts at Deker Marketing Consultants, specialized in mobilizing companies to increase their sales, insist that the objective of strategic intelligence must be, among other things, “in recruiting better and identifying the most advantaged. 

Those will sell more in less time and at a lower cost. Nothing better than a good brain guiding a powerful commercial muscle. Selling more is essential, but above all doing it with a margin”, says Javier Moreno, Director of the company.

In addition, it highlights the importance of contact as the most explanatory factor in professional advancement: “If you don’t initiate contact, nothing happens. The higher you go, the less important knowledge becomes, and the more relevant relational capacity”, he highlights.

Best Strategies for your Sales Team

Business Intelligence and CRM Analytics

The so-called smart data is the logical evolution of the big data that everyone talks about. It is useless to have vast amounts of information if we cannot apply the necessary intelligence to them so that they have meaning. This meaning will depend on our commercial objective.

A beneficial smart data strategy for the sales team is called CRM analytics or CRM Analytics. This discipline is based on using different applications that can evaluate customer data to facilitate decision making: from profitability analysis to monitoring or even predictive models.

In this digital era of ratification, our potential client knows that we have a lot of information about him, and we must know how and when to use it so that it is not wasted.

Focus On People First

Because, as Moreno states, “wherever there are two people doing business, technology will be a means and not an end”. There are cases in which a Marketing department – through intensive use of technology – delivers ‘leads’ to the Sales department. 

Still, the latter is not capable of absorbing them and cannot take advantage of all that valuable information. What is the reason? “Mainly, lack of time is the excuse to justify poor business performance,” he adds.

For the manager of Deker, the best sellers spend more time selling and can offer themselves to more clients in less time. And they do that with or without technology. 

However, “the lack of contact is the fundamental reason companies capture little business and lose customers.” It could be said that “if you don’t initiate contact, nothing happens”. 

The problem here is that, according to studies, 25% of salespeople would rather not have to talk to customers. The reality is that reversing this situation, a priori, is not an easy task.

Back Office Assignments From the Contact Centre

A contact centre develops relationship marketing focused on direct contact with the customer, whether by phone, chat or email. But it can also help us lighten the tasks of the commercial team, using a contact centre to take care of all those tasks that take time but do not add business value.

Tasks such as managing incidents or requests, updating CRM, etc., become one of the most effective strategies for a sales team.

See how your sales team can prospect more… and better

90% of Sales Managers say their teams should be prospecting more, and as Deker’s Director points out, “they don’t, that’s the main reason they’re being fired”. 

From the consultancy, they defend that there is a fundamental problem, and that is that “the first condition to sell more is to recruit better, and conventional recruitment systems do not identify whether someone will sell or not, or who will sell more, in what period or for what cost”, concludes Moreno.

In short, the different tactics and strategies that we can find will not only help to optimize the results of customer relations but can also be essential allies when it comes to maximizing the results of the work of teams such as sales, with the great diversity of functions that do not always provide direct value.


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