What Social Networks to Use For Digital Marketing Companies?

What Social Networks to Use For Digital Marketing Companies?

What social network to use for my company? This is a common question among entrepreneurs and business people interested in gaining visibility in various environments. If according to a study by the Hootsuite platform, 50% of the world’s population uses RRSS, any brand needs to increase its presence in these spaces. Of course, the range is getting wider… which one to choose?

How to Choose the Right Social Networks For My Company?

Although there are many social platforms to interact on, not all of them are suitable for all businesses. To select the most suitable one, it is necessary to attend to certain key points:

Objectives to be in RRSS: Sell products or services, improve brand image, and get leads.

Where are the customers: Analyze the characteristics of the users of each social network and know your company’s target perfectly to know where to find the target audience.

Resources to manage these RRSS: What will allocate budget and time will allocate budget and time to the management of social networks to choose to be present in one or more.

Will social media ads be used? : analyze the options each social network offers to carry out advertising campaigns.

Visual Brand Expression: Which social network does the brand tone best fit with? A formal social network like LinkedIn is not the same as a more relaxed one like Instagram.

Not all are valid: What social network to use for my company?

Many social networks can serve different business projects. Once the previous key points have been analyzed, it is time to choose those in which you are present. To do this, we analyze the characteristics of the most popular social networks.


It is mainly aimed at professionals. LinkedIn tends to market itself for business-to-business (B2B) business, but it’s also a powerful platform for freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs. It is the ideal platform to sell a brand’s experience, skills, and technical knowledge, whether it is an individual or a company.

LinkedIn has 675 million users worldwide, many of whom are decision-makers in their respective companies, making them the perfect target market to promote services. For this reason, the platform is very popular among those who know the most about B2B marketing strategies.


Instagram’s greatest strength is visually displaying a brand organically and in real-time. The rise of ephemeral content, live video, and user-generated content have positioned Instagram well for these new marketing trends.

According to Hootsuite, as mentioned earlier study, of Instagram’s more than 1 billion monthly users, 92% have started following a brand or made a purchase after seeing a product or service in the app. This figure speaks for itself when assessing having a presence on this social network. Additionally, Instagram allows you to message users directly, which is great for answering queries and getting new leads.


Facebook is still the king of social media, and it makes sense for every company to have at least one page. Not only does it have 2.5 billion active users, but it also has the largest combination of demographics of any social media platform.

Their advertising is also easy to use and has great targeting options, meaning no ad revenue is wasted on uninterested users. In addition, it is possible to communicate directly with potential customers through Facebook Messenger, which generates more leads.


Twitter’s strength lies in viral and influencer marketing. Hashtags and mentions allow you to track and participate in conversations and hot topics. In addition, a total of 152 million users are perfectly monetizable daily.

In demographic terms, Twitter is quite varied. Users are split almost 50/50 between men and women (with a slight tilt towards 60% men). Regarding age, almost 30% of users are between 25 and 34 years old. Twitter also offers advertising options to promote tweets, an account, and even a trend to gain new followers and leads.


Pinterest is a visual-based social media platform well suited for brands that want to promote themselves in this way. It also has shopping pins that make it easy to sell products directly. Despite being particularly well-suited to industries like fashion or home decor, all brands can find a way to promote themselves on Pinterest creatively.

Pinterest’s 335 million users are predominantly female (up to 72%), making it a great platform for brands looking to market to this gender. Plus, you have the option to promote pins, making them visible to a larger audience.

Advantages For a Company of Having a Presence in RRSS

Once the doubt about which social network to use for my company when implementing marketing plans has been cleared up, it is important to know the benefits of having a presence on this platform. These are the main advantages for a company of being on social networks:

Increase Visibility

The first benefit of social media for businesses is its ability to build organic brand awareness through increased visibility. As is known, an important component of building credibility comes from creating a brand identity. While other marketing resources, like a website, have been the go-to items for new businesses, social media needs to be added to the list.


In a world where customers expect flawless care experiences, social media is a stellar avenue for meeting those demands. Since these spaces are all about interaction, it’s a natural place to surprise and delight customers and prospects. All this will contribute to generating a good brand reputation.

Acquire and Retain Customers

Companies always look for the best relationship between their marketing results and investment. And social media, which is organically free, has enabled many brands to grow exponentially through organic marketing. Different actions make it possible to acquire new customers and retain the regular ones.

Increase Traffic

Another benefit of social media for businesses is its direct impact on website traffic and search ranking. These platforms become a source of traffic to the corporate page.

In short, it is necessary to have clear objectives before choosing the appropriate social network and internal management capacity. On the other hand, each social network offers different opportunities to each company, and it is up to the brands themselves to decide on which platforms to invest their best efforts in.


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