Payment Service Cuts Advertising Expenses for Facebook, Google, Microsoft and TikTok

Payment Service Cuts Advertising Expenses for Facebook, Google, Microsoft and TikTok

The choice of payment instrument impacts the effectiveness of advertising strategies. Particularly critical in the advertising business are budget allocation and timely media planning. One solution to optimize advertising expenses on major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and TikTok is the use of modern financial services that offer fast and secure online transactions through virtual cards.

PSTNET is one of these financial services’ types. It offers various virtual cards for any kind of online payments. The service’s cards are excellent for both private shopping and payment for digital subscriptions, as well as for media buying. For professional purposes, PSTNET provides virtual cards for paying for advertising — each card customized to work with a particular advertising platform. Visa or Mastercard options are available, and payments can be easily made in dollars or euros.

These cards offer a wide range of replenishment options, including USDT TRC20, BTC (supporting 15 cryptocurrencies), SWIFT bank transfers, SEPA transfers or via Visa/Mastercard. All transactions made with the cards are entirely secure thanks to the integration of 3D-Secure technology.

Users of the service have access to 25+ unique BINs, making the potential of encountering a risk payment practically impossible. Additionally, the website features a modern bin number lookup tool. With its help, comprehensive information about any card can be obtained within minutes.

The service is suitable for both solo media buyers and those buyers who work in teams. The personal account provides tools for optimizing workflow processes. Users can manage card limits, distribute roles among group members and receive reports on financial transactions.

PST Advertising

Additional features:

  • 0% commission on all operations related to blocked or frozen cards
  • No limits on the number of cards
  • Active cards are available immediately after registration
  • Quick registration via Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, Apple ID or email
  • The first card is available without user data verification
  • Withdrawal of funds in USDT is available
  • Telegram bot for notifications and 3D-Secure codes
  • Customer support managers respond to users 24/7

Furthermore, the service offers a specialized program called PST Private, designed specifically for media buyers. The program includes attractive bonuses, such as 3% cashback on advertising expenditures and only a 3% commission fee for card replenishment. Additionally, users have the opportunity to issue up to 100 cards monthly. It is worth noting that participation in the program does not require verification of advertising expenses.

In conclusion, PSTNET cards for media buying presents an enticing proposition for advertisers. The advertising cards offer a wide range of capabilities and advantageous terms of use. PSTNET service assists each user to find their optimal financial instrument, and businesses to make the right solution for even the most challenging tasks.

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