What Does a Corporate Identity and What is it For?

What Does a Corporate Identity and What is it For?

What does a Corporate Identity package include? Each marketing agency in the world offers various services for those brands that are taking their first steps. Some help them make their logos, design their online stores, or create content for their blogs. 

But one of the most requested and essential services of any business is its Corporate Identity. This blog will explain what corporate Identity is and everything it entails.

What is Corporate Identity?

Identity is the basis of any brand; without it, a company would not be successful. We could define it as the set of values ​​that make up each of the images and visions that the company has about its world. Within the corporate Identity, we can find how its mission works, its strategies, and style of approaching consumers. It is also the image that the brand wants to convey to everyone.

As we can see, corporate Identity is not just a logo, a name, or another business image. In it, we can see the entire belief system of the company and each of the essential aspects that represent them.

It doesn’t matter if your business is starting, is positioning itself, or is your brand; the corporate Identity is relevant to each of the steps of your brand. This represents the values ​​of the company and how it would be made known to others. 

What is it for?

Although we have already explained a little about the fundamental importance of corporate Identity, we cannot stop emphasizing it.

Corporate Identity is essential to give a clear definition of brand behavior. This is done so that clients, consumers, or collaborators understand who they are and know what to expect from you. 

A company with a specific corporate identity has a discourse that follows a clear and unwavering narrative line.

What does a Corporate Identity package include? This clear discourse of who they are and what they want to achieve allows the public to feel greater confidence in the company. 

This should not be too complicated; your business needs to be authentic and honest. If your company favors preserving the environment, it will not promote the dumping of plastic waste in the oceans. This is precisely what we mean. Be aware and consistent with your narrative, or you will be untrustworthy to companies. 

Marketing 4.0 has taught us that the most important thing about a brand is to seek loyalty with your customers not because of your products but because of your brand’s values. Although we know that the most critical aspect is to sell, real customers feel empty when a business is empty and prefer to support brands with clear and accurate messages.

What are the subjective characteristics?

To understand how to create your own corporate identity, it is essential to know the conduct of your business. This is done so that you understand the problems that could cause you in the future if you ignore the objectives you want or do not carry out a good study of who they are as a brand. 

Among the fundamental factors in the Identity of the company, the following stand out:

Differentiation: Having a well-structured corporate identity will allow you to stand out from the competition to attract specific customers and give them exclusive products and services.

Coherence: remember that your speech and your actions as a brand must be on par, or consumers will see a lack of coherence in your message and will not trust you.

Relevance: keep in mind what your client wants and offer them content or relevant products.

Reputation: once you meet each of the above elements, your customers will feel more comfortable with your brand and recommend it. Work on the above points to gain loyalty and position yourself in the market.

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of building any brand. We must often think of our brand as a person linked to values ​​and a way of thinking or acting.

Branding seeks to give importance to each of the added values ​​of the brand or product in the market. The critical point is to make you stand out from the competition. 

Branding VS Corporate Identity

Branding refers to everything behind your brand and what your customers think of you. Thanks to this, you can communicate your company’s values by appealing to emotions, feelings, and instincts, creating links with your audience. This means that a branding strategy is a method that helps define the “personality” of your brand.

On the other hand, corporate Identity can be defined as all the visual, sound, and audiovisual attributes that identify your brand. For example, the logo, typography, colors, uniforms, and advertising are corporate identity elements.

In short, branding is the essence of what you offer and your actions to create your brand. At the same time, corporate Identity is the set of resources you have to create the image and make it easier for your customers and potential audience to recognize.


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