Keys to Focus on Relationship Model Between Brands and Consumers

Keys to Focus on Relationship Model Between Brands and Consumers

All businesses need to be present on the internet. The health crisis demonstrated it. Many have been able to continue their activity and have even discovered new opportunities to grow. Above all, small and medium-sized companies have found an ally in the digital environment to resist the impact of the health crisis. And the reason is none other than the change in consumer habits. 

The emergence of new channels has changed the pace of organizations. But how can we successfully work with the new relationship model between brands and consumers?

This is a vital issue considering that there are 27 million users between 17 and 70 years old who have a profile on digital platforms. In order to maintain relevance in this new conversation, companies must be transparent that it is no longer enough to launch a product to sell it, but that a new relationship with the consumer must be established.

5 keys to the New Model between Brands and Consumers

How do we decipher the current communication codes to continue reaching our consumers? According to Good Rebels experts, there are 5 keys that we should not lose sight of:

  1. Remember to consider the importance of business intelligence: Finally, technology, combined with traditional research techniques, allows us to better understand the markets where we operate and, above all, respond to the leading consumer demands through more effective strategic levers.
  2. Strengthen your digital assets: We have been designing sales strategies for years based on traditional distribution points (retail, contact centre, commercial network, etc.). Still, in recent years, we have been working intensively on the development of digital assets as a key channel that enhances the business and enriches sales as a whole.
  3. Bet on design to generate a competitive advantage: Currently, our digital assets are the gateway for most of our clients: their brand experience begins with our website, app or e-commerce.
  4. Compete through relevant content: In a super-digital and multi-platform environment where brands compete for users’ attention, connecting with our audiences is increasingly complex. The correct use of technology and data is indeed crucial. Still, they have become commodities: more is needed to know where our consumers are and to deploy all the technology to collect and get the most out of the data. What truly differentiates us from our competitors is a solid brand positioning based on attributes that define us and that, together with creativity and structure, nourish all our content.
  5. Guide your company towards data management: The relationship with our customers has been almost wholly digitalized. Now, each interaction generates data on different channels and platforms, which in recent years has forced us to adopt a data-driven marketing approach.


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