Preparing For Science Board Examination | Science and Technology

Preparing For Science Board Examination | Science and Technology

The board examination is a hurdle that a student must cross with flying colours to make a name for themselves as well as it helps a student in progressing forward with their desired career. A student who has been studying from the start has more chances of succeeding in the board examination than an average student who starts preparing a day before the actual examination. Every subject must be taken care of to achieve a decent percentage. Even though all subjects must be paid due attention to, there are some subjects that demand a lot more attention, science being one of them. For preparing for this subject, it is recommended that the student uses Class 10th Science NCERT Book which is quite easily available. 

Preparation Strategy

  • Segregate the entire curriculum into sections based on the degree of difficulty and understanding a student has in each section. The syllabus is divided into sections to make it easier for the student to follow and to evaluate his progress on a daily basis. Every day, a set amount of time should be allotted to individual chapters based on a student’s mental capabilities in order for that topic to grow more quickly. Set specific goals for yourself instead of defining a broad target and then attempting to achieve what he can at random. It’s vital to figure out what needs to be done in a certain period of time.
  • For achieving the target rank, a good mentor and coaching are required. Even if a student is financially disadvantaged, he should seek assistance from the internet resources listed previously in this essay. They should be contacted about appropriate texts to use in the preparation strategy. In science class, it’s just as vital to pay attention to the teacher. A teacher typically covers all of the topics covered in the section and also advises students on the types of questions that may appear on the exam. Paying attention in class could lead to a successful performance outcome for the student in the future.
  • It is necessary to take pauses at regular intervals when studying for the examination. Studying for an extended period of time might cause headaches, backaches, and other medical problems. Meals should not be skipped just in order to study. For health reasons, it is recommended that you listen to music or engage in light hearted activities such as talking to friends or participating in outdoor sports during your breaks. During the break, a student should avoid viewing television or online series because it is quite distracting. The sleep schedule must not be jeopardised. A regular sleep pattern is essential for the correct functioning of the human brain and should not be overlooked.
  • If a student wants to compete with his peers in the board examination, he must follow a distinct set of guidelines. Physics, chemistry, and biology are the three areas of the Science Board paper. To do well in physics, a student must be well-versed in the concept and practise numerical problems that aid in the application of the notion that has been developed. Physics should be given special attention because it is a numerically demanding topic that has a direct impact on a student’s marks. Aside from physics, chemistry has a few numericals, but they are few in comparison to the physics section. Chemistry necessitates a high level of memorization and thought development. The majority of the material presented to the student is new to them. For instance, balancing redox reactions may not have been presented to a student, yet it is a subject that is commonly employed in most competitive assessments. As a result, practising what hasn’t been taught in earlier lessons is critical to succeeding in the board examination. Biology, on the other hand, is a theory-heavy topic that necessitates even greater memorising abilities than chemistry. After memorising, a student must put his memory to the test by answering questions from reference books. The amount of time a student spends memorising and revisiting concepts in biology is largely determined by how much time he has spent doing so. Once a student has mastered all three subjects, he is ready to go on.
  • For achieving perfection in one’s job, socialising with peers and discussing doubts is a necessary step. Doubt sessions allow students to reflect on their mistakes while also learning fresh information from their peers and teachers. A question should never be ingrained in a student’s memory because it may lead to erroneous concept formation in the future. It is critical for a learner to overcome uncertainty and ask questions about even the tiniest of doubts in order to gain understanding of concepts. Students can use social media to connect with other students as well as professionals who have previously aced exams. Many specialised forums are freely accessible on this site and can be used by students as a source of motivation. Video tapes of such students, which have been put up by experienced folks all around India, are also readily available.
  • After a student has completed all of these steps, it’s time to take some practise tests. Previous year papers are readily available on the internet and may be obtained with a simple mouse click. Mock tests are an important part of the preparation approach since they determine where a person stands among his peers. A few practise tests are required to attain the desired performance outcome. Even if some of one’s fake tests are failed, remember that a failed test does not equate a failed person, so a student should keep trying despite repeated failures because that is what will help him do well in the actual examination.


To conclude this article, a brief summary of actions that may assist in boosting a student’s average score has already been enlisted. Preparation for the board examination may appear difficult at this age, but it is usually a piece of cake if a person can prepare accordingly, as described multiple times in this article.

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