Great Ideas to Improve Macbook’s Performance

Great Ideas to Improve Macbook’s Performance

Your old Macbook might not be running as great as it did when you just bought it. And the money you spent that day might be difficult to justify. However, it does not mean that a poorly-performing Mac should be thrown out for a new replacement. No, there are still plenty of things you can do to speed up your current model.

This article provides you with the best ideas to enhance the performance of your Macbook. Continue reading if you are interested in using your Macbook with as few performance hiccups as possible.

Idea #1 – Close Unnecessary Apps

Not all background applications are relevant. A Macbook could potentially be devoting memory and CPU to an app you have not used in days. Launch Activity Monitor and look at the background processes. Close applications that are consuming resources without offering anything of value at the time.

Idea #2 – Free up Disk Space

Newer Macbooks have solid-state drives. Many users are struggling to fit all the data they want. And it is difficult to continue using a Macbook that is both underperform and has little storage space available.

Remove unnecessary applications. Transfer some of your files to external storage devices and cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud. Purchase an external hard drive or memory sticks and keep your data in them. The bottom line is that Macbooks perform better when they have more free storage space.

Idea #3 – Trim Startup Applications

Applications that start after you boot the computer is a hindrance. Many people do not use most startup applications and close them after the system is ready to use. If you want to trim startup applications, go to System Preferences and select Users and Groups. Click on Login Items. You will see a list of startup applications. Uncheck boxes and save the changes. Restart the Macbook and you will notice how much of a difference trimming startup applications makes.

Idea #4 – Scan for Potential Viruses

Your computer may be full of malware and viruses because you clicked on a shady link or because your antivirus was not good enough to prevent the threat. 

Cybersecurity problems are relevant, even for average users. Just because you use a computer for personal use, it does not guarantee that you are protected from potential attacks. Phishing, ransomware, and other threats are constantly looming, and the developers of these threats are ready to pounce on new potential targets.

Protecting your Macbook from cybersecurity threats will ensure fewer performance problems in addition to having a peace of mind about potential cyberattacks. 

Idea #5 – Update Software

Install software updates for macOS as well as any applications that you use. New versions introduce positive changes to performance, security, and stability.

However, it is worth mentioning that the most recent OS version is not always the best option, especially for older Macbooks. Some users claim that switching to another OS version slows Macbook’s performance, and that the only way to fix that problem is to switch back to the previous macOS. Be cautious with how you approach this problem.

Idea #6 – Optimize Internet Browser

If you are having the most problems with your internet browser, look for ways to improve its performance. Some people install too many extensions. Others open too many browser tabs simultaneously. Failing to clear browser cache regularly is also a common cause behind poor browser performance.

In case the suggestions in the previous paragraph are not enough, try switching to another browser as there are many free options. A new browser could also solve the problem.

Idea #7 – Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects offer nothing of value. You would be better off disabling magnification, animated opening applications, and features to automatically hide and show the Dock to keep the panel static. It would also help if you crossed a backlit keyboard off the list of gimmicks worth enabling on a Macbook.

Idea #8 – Add New Hardware

Add new hardware if your Macbook model allows for it. Older Macbooks are a bit tricky if you want to install more RAM or replace the hard drive with an SSD, but if you have the option available in addition to money, then upgrading the hardware is one of the best choices you can make.

Idea #9 – Get Rid of Desktop Clutter

Desktop clutter is a common issue. Many Macbook users keep files on their desktop because you do not have to navigate through folders or use the search function. However, the system renders each icon on the desktop every time you switch back and forth between the desktop and another window. The resource usage is not optimal, meaning you are better off decluttering Macbook’s desktop and creating a folder system to keep your files.


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