Apple is to ship devices from its stores, de-facto fulfillment centers

Apple is to ship devices from its stores, de-facto fulfillment centers

Apple is moving how it ships devices to consumers, rather than sending out all of its hardware products direct from China or local warehouses.

Apple Corporation is now operating to use its network of Apple Stores as de-facto accomplishment centers, shipping products directly from the stores to grow to customers faster.

The move, Bloomberg reports, will use Apple’s almost 300 stores in the US and Canada to speed up local delivery for consumers within 100 miles of a store.

The company has already possibly begun using the brand-new system with some stores starting this year. Still, the broader rollout is occurring just ahead of Apple’s upcoming iPhone launch next week, which is already using place later than usual.

The shift is mostly an internal one, according to Bloomberg, so customers won’t be ready to take the store from which their devices ship.

But accepting retail stores to help faster shipping to customers could improve get new iPhones in people’s hands that much quicker, particularly at a time when those stores are observing far less in-person traffic or are closed entirely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone

Apple has stated that its iPhone event will consider place on October 13th, with the message teasing the announcement with the phrase “Hi, Speed.”

Apple hasn’t completely assembled out of fall hardware season, though, exposing new Apple Watches and iPads in a mid-September event.

The iPhone 12 lineup is supposed to have a new design with squared-off edges possibly related to the iPad Pro and support for 5G networks. It’s also thought to appear in four different models.

Apple is rumoured to possess several different products in the works, including new over-ear headphones, a shorter and more affordable HomePod, and a competitor to Tile’s location-tracking tags that are called AirTags.


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