iOS: Best Alternatives to Safari for iOS Users

iOS: Best Alternatives to Safari for iOS Users

One of the fastest browsers used on the iPhone is Safari. However, unfortunately, it is far from perfect. Safari lacks in visual appearance, and there are a couple of features present in all browsers, but Safari. To help you pick the best iPhone browser, we have come up with a list of some of the best browsers for Safari.

However, on the iPhone, there’s no provision to change your default web browser. So, all the links that you get in messages, as well as the email links, will still open in Safari. But you can certainly use the other alternatives of Safari to ease your browsing experience otherwise.

Let’s get started and take a look at these browsers one by one. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best available browsing platforms for both Android and Windows devices. The browser is also available for iPhones and other iOS devices. In this browser, you can access all your recently browsed tabs, favorites, and bookmarks across all the platforms by signing in with your Gmail ID.

Chrome is not just famous for its remarkable cross-platform support, but also the smooth browsing experience that it offers. Angelina, a web tutor, offering physics assignment help services with TFTH,says that she’s been using an iPhone for eight years now, but has always preferred Chrome over Safari.    

Features of Chrome

  • Seamless syncing across all devices
  • Quick access to the last browsed pages 
  • The address bar can be replaced as a search box when you have to search for something on Google. 
  • The landing page will display your top sites and the frequently browsed pages. 

Google Chrome has undoubtedly made surfing and browsing experience better for iOS users. 

Adblock Browser 2.0

Hate seeing annoying adverts while browsing through the web? You can now get rid of them with the revolutionary browser, which is the Adblock Browser 2.0. Creed, a Java homework help provider with TAE, says that he hates advertisements, so for him, Adblock Browser 2.0 is a true blessing in disguise. It is indeed one of the best web browsers for iPhone users.

With the auto Ad Blocker of this browser, you can browse the websites without being bothered by the ads. If you want to see advertisements from a particular website, you can even add exceptions.  

Features of Adblock Browser 2.0

  • The ad-blocking feature is worth a mention
  • There’s an option of disabling the social media button, which tracks your device and location. 
  • You can discreetly browse the internet using ghost mode. 

The interface of this browser is more or less similar to Google Chrome. So, getting around would not be a problem. It is a free browser. 

Firefox Focus

Firefox is a well-deserved entrant in the list of the best browsers. The desktop version of Firefox has widely been appreciated by many tech enthusiasts worldwide, owing to its multiple advanced features. Firefox Focus is not just a regular browser. It is an application, which has its primary focus on ensuring your privacy.

Daniel, an associate who works with a leading information platform, TrumpLearning, says that the best thing about Firefox is that when using it, you don’t have to switch to incognito mode to keep trackers at bay. In this browser, the stealth mode is always on. So, all blocking of the web trackers happens by default in the application.  

Features of Firefox Focus

  • You can get rid of the browsing history with just a tap of the button
  • You can block all the trackers
  • You can pick your search engine using the options listed in the browser application

It is a primary web browser, which comes packed with advanced privacy settings, which you must try when you are searching for the best browsers for your iPhone. However, the lack of tabs in Firefox can seem a bit annoying, but other than that, it is perfect.  


If you are concerned about your privacy, you can use a VPN to browse the web. That’s when the Aloha web browser comes in handy. It has an in-built VPN, which lets you browse the internet anonymously. Aloha’s web application hides the user’s internet footprint and gives strict attention to the user’s privacy. Nathan, an economics homework help provider with EduWorldUSA, says that he loves the Aloha browser for its privacy features and its simple and straightforward interface.  

Features Of Aloha 

  • You can play the videos in the background even after minimizing the browser.
  • There are no ads. 
  • VR videos can be played directly in the browser via the in-built VR player. 

Since the browser does not log any of your browsing activities, it is one of the most preferred web browsers by many iPhone users. You can even find a paid version of the browser on the app store called the Aloha Premium, which has several advanced features. For individuals who worry too much about privacy, Aloha Premium should be your go-to platform.


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