How to Incorporate RS Aggarwal Books in Your Studies?

How to Incorporate RS Aggarwal Books in Your Studies?

Well, you must have heard from your teachers and elders that you have to take help from other books in the higher classes. This tip will help you boost your confidence and get a lot better score. Maths from Class 9 is a subject that needs a lot of practice. Before 9th the syllabus of all your subjects was quite limited and only NCERT was sufficient for getting a good score but after that is not the case. If you want to know more about this topic in detail, then you can read this article till the end. 

Why use RS Aggarwal for Maths?

RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 2 can be easily downloaded from the internet along with the solution of all intext and back exercise questions of Maths. Some of the points why RS Aggarwal is preferred and highly recommended by teachers for a Maths Class 9 are as follows: 

  • The main point before getting into any book is authenticity. You have to make sure that the material that is provided by the book will help you get good marks or not. You have to know if the book follows the guidelines that are given by CBSE every year. This is because the ultimate aim, of using the book is that you ace your final exams. In this case, RS Aggarwal is a book that is prepared by taking care of all the points that are mentioned above. 
  • The variety of questions that are provided by the book is also one of the points that should be considered while going to a book. The number of the questions is spread in a wide variety. This will help you get familiar with all types of questions that can be formed before your exam. The number of questions that are present for each topic is also sufficient for understanding and grasping the concept in a better way.
  • The book is made by considering your NCERT, it also has the solved examples and solutions to all the NCERT questions. The solutions are discussed in a much better way, that is step by step. This will help you analyze and pinpoint your mistake so that they will not be repeated. 
  • There are all sorts of questions with difficulty levels. To use this book to the fullest, try to mark all the questions that you found difficult and were not able to solve in the first go. After completing the chapter and leaving the subject for a few days, you can come back to those questions to see if you understood the topic or not. 
  • Before you start doing the questions from RS Aggarwal you should make sure that your basics are clear, because then you have to come back to see and take help and will have to devote more time to even a simple topic. The best thing that can be done is to complete your NCERT first and try to solve all the questions. The solutions can be checked later from RS Aggarwal itself. 
  • The concept clarity will make your task of doing the targeted questions in a much faster way. It should also be noted that the explanations of topics that are given in RS Aggarwal are also in a very simple language that can be understood by every student. 

Tips to be more productive with the books

Here are some of the simple measures or tips that can be incorporated in a day-to-day study to get a better result.

  • Marks the important questions and concepts that are repeated more often in the paper. 
  • Try to set targets of several questions or the number of exercises that you have to do on regular basis. Take every weekend as the revision day where you can go back to the marked questions and solve them again.
  • Always solve the intext and solved examples as they will help you check if you have a grip on the topic or not. Then move to the back questions which might have a higher difficulty level. 
  • If we talk about Maths for Class 9th, then apart from NCERT, solving RS Aggarwal will be sufficient. But don’t forget to go back to the previous year’s questions to get an idea of the type of questions that can be asked in the examination.
  • RS Aggarwal will help you get engaged with so many varieties of questions that even if you get the question in a twisted manner, you will be able to apply the concept and reach the correct answers. 
  • Getting good marks in Maths is all about the concepts and a lot of practice. It is something that can be achieved over time not overnight. So it is better that you start the preparation as early as possible. 
  • Apart from the maths books, previous year’s papers and sample papers are also available from RS Aggarwal. All of them will be a great help in getting a good result. 


As you know NCERT is the topmost priority for every student. It is a book that has to be completed at least twice before any exam, but for Maths a lot of practice is required. NCERT is a good book for clearing your concepts and is made according to the guidelines of CBSE. But RS Aggarwal for Maths is highly recommended for a lot of practice which is required for Maths in Class 9. RS Aggarwal is made taking into consideration the type of questions that are given in the examination. It will help you analyze where you stand and how hard you need to work to reach that goal of yours. But it should be noted that the book doesn’t matter if you are not serious with your things. You have to start the preparation as early as possible so that you have enough time for the revision. Setting daily targets about the questions and concerts plays an important role here. This article must have given you some tips that will surely be beneficial for you in acing your Class 9th Maths examination this year. 

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