How Can I compete Class 5 IMO Exam? New Concepts

How Can I compete Class 5 IMO Exam? New Concepts

Every year many students apply for the International Mathematics Olympiad starting from class 1 to class 12. SFO conducts the International Mathematics Olympiad and attracts students from all over the world. It is a matter of huge pride that the students even get to represent their countries at a very young age on the highest level that many people can’t even imagine doing it. 

Representing your country is a matter of huge pride, hence it’s obvious that the competition will also be high. Students give the exams for the glory that comes with it. In today’s world where the competition is high, IMO is a perfect platform that prepares the students for the upcoming battles they’re going to fight. The parents try to preserve the innocence of their child but the world has different plans for them. The competition starts at a very young age. First for play school, then for a good school, then for a good college and then for a good job. After you get a job you try to get a good house, good car, get settled, and life goes on but what remains constant is the challenge and competition. 

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Many parents might think is it a good age for their child to be exposed to a world full of competition? How are their child is going to react? Well, the answer to this question is that there is no right age to send your child to a competitive world. Your child is already a part of the competition the day he stepped into the school. What a parent can do is they can horn their child’s skills and make them prepare for the future. There is a significant change in the syllabus of the students from classes 4 to 5. The education pattern is different from class 1 to class 4 and there is an upgrade when it comes to class 5. The syllabus becomes tougher and wider as compared to class 4. So, the perfect way to hone your skills in the International Mathematics Olympiad. Here are the few tips that will help you to compete in the class International Olympiad

1) Syllabus

If you compare the syllabus of class 4 and class 5, there is a prominent upgrade in the level and difficulty of questions. Even the syllabus of the International Mathematics Olympiad changes. The number of questions that used to be 35 in class 4 has now become 50, whereas the time to complete the exam remains the same. It’s the first sign that from class 5, the actual competition starts. A student of class 5 and a student of class 12 both will be attempting an equal amount of questions that’s 50 in 1 hour. The students learn new concepts like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division of fractions, highest common factor, lowest common multiple and decimals. These concepts are introduced and are challenging and interesting for the students of class 5.

2) Practice New Concepts

The students of class 5 are introduced to several new concepts like decimals, fractions, multiplication and division of fractions, factors and decimals and later on, they are taught about ratio and percentage also. Not only did the courses get advanced but new concepts were also introduced in the textbook and the student needs to practice all the new concepts and upgrades. Try solving a variety of questions. When you solve a variety of questions it automatically covers a lot of portions just in practice.

3) Don’t get disappointed

Every concept is getting an upgrade like the geometry section got an upgrade too in terms of difficulty and in-depth knowledge. New concepts are introduced like Area, Perimeter, Volume which are new to the students and when questions come based on that it is normal that the students will take a little time to adjust themselves. Don’t get disheartened if you’re not able to solve the questions on the first attempt. The beauty of mathematics is that it becomes more interesting when the question gets difficult. Take it as a challenge.

4) Previous Year Question Papers

Once you finish a chapter, jump on to the exercise part and finish the exercise from the textbook and the sample papers of that particular chapter. Make it a habit, in this way you can solve questions of every difficulty level. Once your chapter wise preparations are over, grab your hands on previous years question papers and Class 5 IMO Question Paper 2011. Start doing all the questions without looking at the answer key. The key to cracking any exam is practice, hard work and dedication. Things might look difficult in the beginning but once you start grinding, it becomes easier. Solving a variety of questions will give you a broader perspective about the variety of the questions you are likely to get in the exam.

5) Know the exam pattern

The question paper of the International Mathematics Olympiad for class 5 is designed in a way that a student can score marks. It’s a mixture of easy questions and some high-level aptitude questions. Students that have mastered the fundamentals can do questions of any difficulty level. The questions are multiple-choice and only 1 hour is given to finish 50 questions. A student should be able to distribute their time in such a way that they can attempt all the questions in a given time frame. If a student takes more time to answer the questions then there is a high possibility that they will miss out on a few questions in the end. Time management is important. There is a reason why major focus is given on solving a variety of sample papers because the more sample papers and previous year question papers you solve, the more chances you have on learning time management.

Undoubtedly there is an upgrade in the syllabus of class 5, from class 4. A variety of new concepts and chapters have been added to their course because class 5 is considered the foundation class. The concepts they learn today make the foundation of their tomorrow and is a crucial class like this, a student must be given proper guidance by proper teachers. If a student gets a good teacher and follows all the above points, the chances of scoring well in an International Olympiad is high.

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