The Jobs of the Future that Will Be More Booming

The Jobs of the Future that Will Be More Booming

The jobs of the future are a great unknown, so much so that many university students have enormous doubts about what tomorrow will bring them. In a study by Kaspersky Lab, 31% responded that they believe they are preparing for jobs that do not exist today.

Technology makes the labor ecosystem change

Technological advances make the labor market constantly change and evolve. This happens in any field, including the agricultural and medical sectors, which require rapid technological adaptation to be competitive.

Currently, university students are preparing for professions such as the following:

Robot/Human Interaction Specialist

Humans must communicate effectively with machines since robots are expected to live and work among people. On the other hand, they will also need to learn to interact with complex human emotions.

3D printing fashion designer

The clothing will be designed and generated by computer. This will be a revolution in the manufacturing process. 3D designers must make designs with elements that machines can create fully.


Surgeons will no longer need to be in an operating room in person but can operate remotely with the help of intelligent machines.

Smart home developer

Smart homes require an ecosystem that adapts to the owner’s space, needs, habits, and family dynamics. Creative developers must establish systems and algorithms that accommodate various unique home settings.

Importance of lifelong learning

Virtually all college majors will change exponentially in the next 20 years. Industry 4.0, technology, and, above all, the arrival of artificial intelligence will be to blame for this. Lifelong learning and adaptability are why students must reflect on how their transferable skills can be used in whatever career path they choose.

Much of today’s jobs will become obsolete due to process automation, but that opens the door for new roles.


When the automation of work explodes at the end of the next decade, more than 400 million people may be out of work due to a lack of qualifications. It is also possible that massive automation in the richest nations will lead to countries where the digital divide is evident, receiving the migration of many companies. However, in these countries, automation will also gain integers.

In the opinion of the expert and President of AUNNA IT, Juan Francisco Zambudio, “Process automation is considered essential for any company, including SMEs, that intends to continue to be in the market, and it means rationalizing and optimizing key production processes with them to increase productivity, lower costs and reduce the probability of failures.

On the other hand, we must not forget Moore’s law, which says that in a couple of years, at most, technology surpasses itself. Therefore, the key is specialization and training if you want to get a new job in which technological knowledge is very important. In this line, Zambudio points out that “automation is not designed to destroy jobs, but to value human resources, take advantage of their talent and reorient their occupation towards more productive activities for the company.”

The Jobs of the Future

Machines need humans to operate properly; however, robots can occupy positions that do not require high qualifications.

Technological sector

Data detective

Big Data is full of mysteries, so investigating and interpreting the validity and importance of data for companies will be one of the most important professions.

Motorway controller

Regulating, monitoring, manipulating, and planning air and road space will be necessary through automated artificial intelligence platforms. This will facilitate the management of drones and autonomous vehicles.

Quantum Machine Learning Analyst

Quantum computing will revolutionize the industry, so staff will be needed to help and analyze the development of the algorithms.

Financial sector

Credit analyst

Collects and evaluates applicants’ credit information to determine if they meet the company’s requirements.

Data analyst

It handles a large amount of data to extract important information that allows decisions to be made in the medium and long term to successfully transform a company’s business.

Energy sector

Qualification for energy certifications

This degree will be very important for energy service companies. In fact, there are already many companies specializing in this area. The job is not restricted to this, but the possibility of being an advisor or auditor in works or waste, project manager…

Robotics manager

These people in an oil company will continue to get their hands dirty. Its function will consist of supervising the equipment to guarantee its correct operation.


Augmented reality tour builder

The best example of this was Pokemon Go. With these characteristics, augmented reality experiences and trips will be developed as historical trips or video games.

Personal memory curator

Virtual environments will be created from clients’ memories. They can reduce the stress caused by memory loss as life expectancy increases.


Electronic commerce will continue to grow. Large chains may improve their virtual assistants to offer a listening service that can understand customers’ needs and guide them through the digital catalog.


Genomics Portfolio Manager

Thanks to the evolution of biotechnology, companies specializing in gene editing and DNA analysis will be created, which will need personnel to commercialize these solutions and the medicines that are developed from them.

Fitness Commitment Counselor

One of the great epidemics is and will continue to be obesity. It will be necessary to have people who can motivate to improve both diet and physical activity.


Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager

Artificial intelligence will be able to help perform many tasks in the future. Still, the companies that use it will need qualified personnel to be able to find customers who buy it.

IT facilitator

The objective will be to create a self-service platform that, in an automated way, allows users to select IT applications or create virtual assistants to improve employee performance.

Future jobs offer a broad and new paradigm in which constant learning, specialization, training, and qualification will be needed to avoid being left without a job.


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