How to Create Photos with Artificial Intelligence Efficiently from Browser

How to Create Photos with Artificial Intelligence Efficiently from Browser

Microsoft already makes it possible to achieve this by using its Bing platform. We explain how to achieve it step by step.

2023 has already become the great year of artificial intelligence. Despite calls from some experts to slow down developments to find security standards, big tech companies continue to rush to make new tools and functionality available to users. 

One of the most interesting can be found in the chatbot of the Microsoft search engine, Bing, which has allowed the user to create images for a few weeks. All thanks to GPT4.

The operation is very simple. The user only has to give the machine some written instructions to create an image from scratch in a matter of seconds. Although it is not perfect. It is still in the beta phase, and the machine can only create images when the user requests them in English. In addition, to achieve this, you will need to tinker with the settings a bit.

Step by Step

To use Microsoft’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, users must enter the Microsoft Edge search engine and their account. Automatically, you will be able to use this tool which normally works similarly to that ChatGPT. 

However, as we said, the creation of images is not currently compatible with our language, so you will have to go to ‘Settings’ and prepare the chatbot to offer answers in English so that the machine also understands this language during the conversation.

Once this is done, you must select the ‘Most creative’ option on the chatbot’s home page since it is the only way the AI can create images.

When we have done all this, the user only has to ask the machine to create an image by giving instructions on how he wants it to be. Nothing weird. For example, in the image, we have asked you to show a soccer player in a field full of snow.

This is valid only for the desktop version. However, you can also create AI images with the Bing smartphone app. Once you have downloaded it and logged into your account, you must click on the ‘Applications’ section and enter the ‘Bing Image Creator‘ option, a page you can also use on your computer if you do not want to make changes to the chatbot.

In this case, you do not directly converse with the chatbot. You just explain in English what the image you want is like, and the tool creates it.


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