How AI Helps to Make Your Writing Standout

How AI Helps to Make Your Writing Standout

Thanks to excellent tools like ChatGPT, there is now a flood of well-written, functional, and valuable writing you must compete with if you are a human writer. This means your writing needs to differentiate itself from this new breed of content. Here’s how to achieve it.

Have an Opinion

Despite a famous saying that everyone has one, opinion is an essential aspect of human writing that differentiates it from AI. Opinions reflect our personal experiences, values ​​, and beliefs. They give depth and personality to our writing and help us connect more deeply with our readers. When we share our opinions, we convey information and share a part of ourselves.

Of course, having an opinion doesn’t mean you have to be controversial or extremist. You can express your opinion thoughtfully and respectfully, encouraging dialogue and discussion.

Many of us who write do so in areas such as service journalism or technical writing, where one might think opinions are not welcome. However, you can still incorporate your point of view to reach the audience you are addressing.

Share your Life Experiences 

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences is an effective way to stand out from AI-generated content. Our backgrounds make us unique individuals, and they shape our outlook and worldview. When we share our experiences, we invite our readers into our world and give them insight into our personalities.

Paradoxically, it is because we have narrower perspectives than AIs, such as Large Language Models (LLMs), that our views can be shaped so drastically. Don’t be afraid to draw on your experiences to add flavour to your writing.

In the past, many editors would have advised against reporting anecdotes or reflections on past events relevant to the story you are working on. In the context of AI-generated content, however, this practice could change, as your very personal aspects are a way to differentiate your writing.

When sharing personal experiences, it is essential to be authentic and honest. Readers can sense if someone is insincere or trying to be something they are not.

Become a speechwriter?

Emphasizing prose is key to making your writing stand out from AI-generated content. While AI language models excel at producing informative content, they often lack the creativity and artistry to produce well-crafted prose. As human writers, we can create a language that is both informative and beautiful, which can engage and captivate our readers.

As humans, we can choose the right words carefully and pay attention to rhythm and flow, but not everyone has needed to spend time on it before. This author is one of them!

A well-crafted sentence or paragraph can differentiate your writing from machine-generated content. A well-crafted sentence or paragraph can be a work of art, engaging the reader and drawing them into the text.

Focusing on prose doesn’t mean sacrificing clarity or conciseness. A well-designed text should be clear and concise while attractive and beautiful. It’s a big challenge, yes, but it’s worth it.

Getting Closer to the Reader

While AI language models can generate informative content, they (currently) cannot connect with the reader on an emotional level. As human writers, we have the power to create content that resonates with our audience, which can make our writing more relatable, engaging, and impactful.

When writing, it’s essential to think about your audience and write with them in mind. This means using appropriate language and examples to your readers and giving them the impression that you understand their needs and concerns.

Writing can be as much about establishing a personal relationship with your reader as it is about informing or entertaining them. Put it bluntly; your brand can now matter as much as your production.

The end audience is human as with AI art and other generative AI content. Everything you write must fit into this context.

Embrace the AI

More importantly, you should not make the mistake of ignoring or dismissing AI writing tools. On the contrary, these tools can serve as a basis for improving your writing. When you don’t have to worry about some tedious tasks integral to manual writing, you have time to focus on the more mundane aspects of your job.

When it’s so easy to get clinical, joyful text out of a machine that contains all the factual elements of your message, you can take the time to chisel that machine-made marble into a reflection of yourself that readers will want to return.

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