How AI Functions  in Smartphones Improve Business Processes

How AI Functions  in Smartphones Improve Business Processes

Using the example of the flagship Galaxy S24 series, we tell you how artificial intelligence Galaxy AI can become an indispensable business assistant, radically restructuring routine office work.

The use of neural networks has long ceased to be the preserve of a select few – today, their active use, including thanks to the latest gadgets, is becoming one of the main global technological trends.

In smartphones of past generations, neural network technologies were used very limitedly – mainly to improve the quality of photos and videos when, when pointing at a subject, the camera recognized it and independently selected the optimal image parameters. The integration of the latest neural network models into mobile devices has significantly expanded their functionality and user experience, providing many new options, such as instant information search, text translation, and deleting graphic objects in photographs.

One of the best examples showcasing the latest smart technology is Galaxy AI on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S24 smartphones. It is capable of constantly learning and working with an unlimited number of parameters thanks to deep learning algorithms that generate texts, images, audio and other data.

With its variety of functions, Galaxy AI ensures information security, preserving the privacy and personal data of the user: the main processing of information occurs directly on the gadget. In addition, the Galaxy S24 series is equipped with Samsung Galaxy Knox. This multi-layered security platform protects sensitive information on your mobile device with comprehensive security and real-time threat detection.

Neural network capabilities became available for the first time on the flagship Galaxy S24 models, equipped with the most powerful and energy-efficient processors. Recently, Galaxy AI artificial intelligence appeared on the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets and the previous generation’s flagship Galaxy devices, which are also capable of processing huge amounts of data.

What AI functions of a smartphone will help you run your business and solve work problems?

“Simultaneous translation”

AI greatly simplifies communication with foreign colleagues, partners and clients – modern algorithms built into smartphones support simultaneous translation of phone calls and conversations in real-time. In this case, you can receive information in various ways: the translated text will appear on the screen. It will be read either by a voice assistant on your phone or in headphones (this will require compatible devices – for example, a combination of a Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone and Galaxy Buds headphones). This function is very useful when familiarizing yourself with the speeches of foreign speakers.

In April, Galaxy AI received a major update – the company added three new languages, including Russian, and now the neural network already supports 16 of the most popular and in-demand languages ​​in the world. Now you can easily communicate with Chinese, Arabic, Indian and other colleagues without language barriers – your smartphone will instantly translate the words of your interlocutor.

The “Simultaneous Interpretation” function will be very useful not only when working in the office but also at international exhibitions and forums and, of course, on foreign business trips – now it will not be difficult to conduct negotiations and resolve all everyday issues.

“Note Assistant”

An AI-based assistant will be useful for creating summaries and minutes of meetings, summarizing the content of presentations, and also when reading working documents in an unfamiliar language. Thanks to Galaxy AI, users receive a brief summary of documents or a translation of a foreign website in a matter of seconds. Select the required text and then the appropriate function in the drop-down menu. To take advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence, you can perform only a few complex actions. Everything is already integrated into the gadget’s operating system.

“Chat assistant”

This assistant is another promising tool for solving business problems, for example, for correctly composing a business letter when there is absolutely no time, which is called “on the go.” A Galaxy AI-enabled smartphone will not only automatically check the grammar and spelling of a document but also edit its style, preserving the meaning and all important information. To create daily reports, you need to set the basic data. AI will independently turn the sketch into an official message.

Neural network algorithms are capable of not only recognizing and correcting errors but also transforming text into a stylistically complete, impeccably designed document. This function allows you to involve an even larger number of employees in correspondence, simplifying interaction, including with foreign colleagues, and accelerating the exchange of experience.

“Photo assistant”

Communication through image exchange has long become a habit, and neural networks for photo processing are often used in everyday life. However, their use in mobile devices is still rare. Galaxy AI makes it easy to use these capabilities to solve a variety of business problems, such as making design edits directly on your smartphone. It is enough to select the desired object in the photo to move it or delete it altogether. For draft approval, the quality of such image processing will be quite acceptable.

Artificial intelligence easily removes fragments from a uniform background and is also capable of completely replacing one object with another – this allows you to experiment with design projects without a laptop or special software.

“Circle and Find”

Another useful function that will help you quickly get information about the desired object without wasting time asking colleagues or searching in a search engine. Just circle the required item or product on the screen – Galaxy AI will immediately recognize it and offer a list of sites and resources with detailed characteristics. This simplifies the solution of many business problems.

What’s the result?

In the near future, AI is unlikely to transform everyday work completely and will not replace humans in the office. However, with the help of neural networks in a mobile device, today, it is possible to easily optimize the execution of routine tasks, speed up streaming information processing and increase the efficiency of business communications. The ability to summarize texts, search information from images, and perform simultaneous translations allows you to automate administrative tasks, more conveniently interact with colleagues, and complete daily work faster.

The neural network capabilities built into Galaxy smartphones are intuitive and seamlessly integrated into the familiar user interface, so they require little training to use.

Use the capabilities of artificial intelligence in your smartphone at least once, and they will certainly not leave you indifferent!


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