How to get Microsoft Teams certification?

How to get Microsoft Teams certification?

Today, obtaining a Microsoft certification enables you to work in the most competitive and technological companies and can mark your level of competitiveness.

Microsoft Teams Certification

In addition to the possibility of opting for the best tools to resolve possible incidents or technical problems, the Microsoft Teams certification also fosters the ability to develop innovative projects and optimize the productivity of companies at a general level.

These certifications validate the technical knowledge of developers, manufacturers, and IT professionals through rigorous, recognized, and convenient exams.

They are exams covering a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies and solutions, depending on the objectives. The time availability of each person who can choose the learning style can also choose the learning style.

How to get Microsoft Teams certification

The evolution of Microsoft Teams, which makes it possible for companies to have messaging, meetings, and calls simultaneously, is trying to replace Skype for Business.

The Skype for Business certification program already has a sufficient number of partners to cover the market’s needs, so you will have to be aware of the list of calls for Microsoft and state certifications to opt for one of its programs.

It is designed to offer personnel and companies using said program. There are two levels of certification :

  • The Skype for Business Certificate Certified for Skype for Business is in higher demand.
  • A more superficial level is designed for those who work with Skype for Business and products that meet the minimum specifications described in the program.

On the other hand, the IP Phone Certification Program for Microsoft Teams is available within the Microsoft certifications. 

This program is intended for companies and work teams that use calls and meetings in which the providers that acquire the certification will become competent to provide support.

The Certification of Devices and Solutions for Skype for Business meeting rooms (previously and until 2015 called Lync) has a series of more advanced features.

Requirements for Manufacturers Aspiring to Microsoft Certifications

Some certifications are already complete and cover the market’s needs, but others demand new partners that Microsoft announces periodically based on demand.

Those suppliers or manufacturers who are interested in submitting their products for the Skype for Business Certification program must have:

A proven track record of developing and marketing, and selling its products with proven success in the marketplace.

  • Meet the technical requirements of the program.
  • Have a support channel.
  • Purchase a Premier support contract.
  • Pay the test fees.
  • Share information regarding product usage to improve program and customer support service.


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