ThopTV Free Online Movies App | Thop TV Apk Latest Version 2021

ThopTV Free Online Movies App | Thop TV Apk Latest Version 2021

ThopTV is an entertainment Movies, and Web Series App users can use thoptv app on their smartphones. It is user-friendly; the operating system of this app is rapid, every android user can use this app. 

If you are looking to watch movies online on your mobile without paying any subscription fee, you can watch free movies and web series on thoptv app

ThopTv is not available on public app platforms like Google Play Store and apple’s App store because thop tv is not a verified app; it’s a torrent app that uploads new release movies without the permission of any certification.

If you want to download thop tv app to watch movies, you have to download it from the web (internet) directly from a search engine like Google and Bing; on the internet, you can find thop tv apk file.

ThopTV Download

Thop Tv apk file is available on the internet on many sites; you can download the thoptv apk file directly. 

  • Download the thoptv apk file on your mobile.
  • After downloading the apk file, it will display the INSTALL option.
  • Install that download apk file.
  • After Installing, you have to allow access to read your mobile.
  • Will successfully install it on your mobile.

You can find thop tv app in your recently installed apps, or you can check it on the last screen of your mobile. 

You can check the app’s logo, color, or name; after clicking on the thoptv app, you can find movies and other many regional languages movies on the app’s home screen.

ThopTV Apk Android

Thop TV Android App is available on internet apk websites. Still, you can’t find thoptv iOS App because, as we all know, the iOS operating system is best for security; it will not allow any third-party Apps.

Apple’s operating system is very authoritarian as compared to AndroidAndroid, you can download android apk files, and you can install them on your smartphones.

But you can’t install any APK files on iOS mobiles because iOS doesn’t allow this type of file. So no iOS users can watch free movies on their iOS mobiles.

Android users can watch and use the ThopTV App any time on their mobiles, but sometimes it shows errors and asks users to connect to VPN, and sometimes it displays the error “not connected.”

To use thop tv app on your Android, your android version should be 4.4 above one. If it’s below 4.4, then it will not be supported.

Thop TV is Safe to use on Mobiles

Well, ThopTv is only available on mobiles, not available on the internet. It means there is no site you have to use on mobile.

If you think that they are uploading movies for free of cost, they are uploading free of charge because they are earning from users’ views; on thop tv app, you can find display ads, video ads, skippable ads, from those ads, they make money.

It’s a rumor I don’t know it’s true or not; thop tv collects users’ mobile numbers, email IDs, and other informational things. With that information, marketing and promotions can be done by promotional services agencies.

They sell users’ data to some promotional companies, and from that, they make money, well it’s not confirmed and revealed, but some of the data experts say this.

When users download and install the Apk files that may contain malware files too; times google AndroidAndroid remind users with the display message “this content may contain malware.” users have to be continuous whenever they install such apk files. 

Free Movies on ThopTV

Movies are generally watched in theatres and OTT platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many more apps and websites.

But those online streaming Apps are paid, users have to pay the fee to watch movies online; on the thoptv app, users can watch movies online without paying any subscription fee.

From Hollywood English movies to Bollywood Hindin and all regional languages movies are available on thop tv, users can scroll the categories like Hindi, Telugu, Malayala, Kannada, and other movies on that app.

You also have the option of live tv on the thoptv app, and users can watch daily serials and shows that are tuning on television; users also can watch sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, and other sports of thoptv.

You can find the share option on the thoptv app; those users who are using this app can share the app link directly to their friends from that share option, you can share to WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger, Message inbox, Gmail, and many other options available to share thoptv app link.

Thop TV App and other Related Platforms

ThopTv is not a unique platform to watch movies online for free, and there are also many apps and websites are available that show movies online for free. 

But there are only some limited apps like Top Tv mostly there are websites available on the internet because it takes a much time and cost to create an app (Application). While designing, developing a website is easy, and compared the little cost to app development.

That’s the reason many of the pirated sites owners choosing websites rather than apps. These two platforms are good options to earn money from traffic, visitors to the website, and the app.

As per the Central Board of Film Certification (India) regulations, it is a crime to record and upload movies on public platforms like websites and apps.

Some of the thoptv related websites are:

Also, there are many sites available on the internet. 

Who is Thop TV App Owner

You may search for the ThopTv owner, but previously no one knows about the thop tv owner, but in July 2021, everyone gets to know who is the thoptv owner it because of a case filed on Thop TV by a Viacom 18, Star India.

This case was filed by Viacom 18, Star India, an entertainment industry, they got losses due to thop tv app, users shifted to thoptv from those paid apps.

Viacom 18, Star India filed a complaint in Maharashtra cyber police, and Maharashtra police caught and arrested thop tv owner in Hyderabad on July 12, 2021. 

ThopTv owner’s name is Satish Venkateshwarlu his age is 28, and he belongs from Hyderabad, Telangana, and he is techie savvy. That’s why he created a website and app from that he started earning from those platforms by ads and the subscribing option of Rs. 35 per month, in that option, users can download HD free movies.

After his arrest on July 12, thop tv app stopped working, and users got to know about the news of thop tv owners’ information, and users started to uninstall of app.

Thop Tv used to have one lakh viewers and 5000 plus subscribers who used to pay Rs. 35 monthly to watch and download movies online for free.

After the arrest of the owner, he was booked under the Indian Penal Code for cheating.

Disclaimer: We Techgogoal mentioned all the information about the ThopTv, a pirated platform; we don’t encourage this type of platform. We strictly follow and respect the guidelines of the government. 

We request users to watch movies and web series only in theatres and OTT platforms.


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