Who Called Me From This Phone Number [Know How]

Who Called Me From This Phone Number [Know How]

Have you ever got a call from a number you don’t recognize? The caller ID might be visible, and you can tell the carrier provider but don’t recognize the caller and don’t consider picking it up. This is a significant problem faced by this generation. Who called me from this phone number? This is a common question in this generation. The use of phones is alarmingly high, even in terms of global standards.

Who called me from this phone number free lookup by doing a free reverse phone number lookup. Nowadays, it’s easy to find out who called you, what that person’s name is, where he lives, and everything else. 

There are different services to discover the caller’s identity, some of which are free. Reverse phone number lookup is a service that aims to provide the caller’s identity. While other methods exist to find the caller’s identity, reverse phone number lookup works best. This is not just for knowing the identity but also to be safe.

Why Should You Care Who Called You?

It may seem pointless to even ask the question who called you in the first place. But there are reasons to wonder who contacted you. They might be telemarketers, scammers, robocalls, stalkers, pranksters, or friends who got their new numbers. The latter wouldn’t be so worrying, but the other reasons might pose some threats. They can be waiting to get a hold of your personal information or, worse, threats. Knowing who called you would allow you to take appropriate action, such as returning the call or blocking the phone numbers to avoid further calls. Use a reverse phone number lookup tool to answer who called me from this number.

What Are The Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Websites/Apps?

Reverse phone number lookup tools work by showing the name or designation of a person or a company behind the phone. This is the opposite of conventional, actual phone books in which you look up a person’s phone number, hence the name! While some tools may show only names, others show addresses as well. 

There are a lot of tools for reverse phone number lookup, but we have curated a list of the best websites and Apps found online:

  1. BeenVerified
  2. TrueCaller
  3. Spokeo
  4. Sync.me
  5. Intelius

Below is detailed information about the tools; from there, you can find who called you from a particular mobile number:


BeenVerified is a reverse phone lookup tool. It allows you to search billions of data points to find the person behind the call. It provides the name behind the caller and the caller’s location, address, age, email address, and social media profiles. They provide public record information, so it all comes under legal compliance. It is one of the best ways to find out who called you and who is reliable.

Pricing: The services are not free, but they offer a 7-day trial for $1.They offer two memberships: 1 month membership costs $29.99/mo, and 3 months membership costs $19.49/mo.


TrueCaller is a brand name in reverse phone lookup. It has an extensive database and community of users. People suggest names for the caller, which is shown to other users receiving the call. For example, suppose a caller is reported as ‘Insurance spam’ by a certain number of their users. In that case, the name TrueCaller will show when users search for whose phone number this is.

In India, truecaller.com is one of the top apps for finding who contacted you by phone number, name, location, online status, etc. Whereas in the United States, numlookup.com is the most used website for reverse phone lookup. 

Pricing: The service they provide is free. You can sign in and check the name behind the phone number for no cost! However, premium plans are provided for business users.


Spokeo is one of the most excellent tools for determining who calls you. It gives numerous details on the phone number in question. You can browse the search results without registering on the site. Spokeo is a platform for reconnecting with family, friends, and business partners, not simply phone numbers.

Pricing: They provide services for a fair price and even offer trials for a low price of $0.95.

Paid membership has two tiers: $19.95 monthly for a three-month recurring membership and $24.95 monthly for a one-month regular membership.


This service provides the name of the caller. Their services are free and require you to sign up using a Google or Microsoft account to view the caller’s name. While other tools provide different information related to the phone numbers, the data can be overwhelming. Sync.me eliminates all that information to provide the user with the name associated with the phone number.

Pricing: They provide service for free but require a mobile device for additional searches.


It is one of the best reverse phone lookup platforms to know who calls you. It has comprehensive databases sourced from reliable outlets. Intelius provides speedy processing of queries. When finding out who called you, Intelius does the work best. It gives the name, address, age, and even possible relatives for the phone number.

Pricing: The service comes at a cost but provides a 6-day trial at $0.95. After the trial, it costs $34.95/mo to keep using the service.

Some Other Ways To Find Who Called You

Reverse phone number lookup tools can inform Who Called Me From This Number. Still, other ways exist to find out about the caller’s identity. Sometimes, searching the number on Google can do the trick; other times, exploring the number on social media can help. If the Caller ID is hidden, you can also try dialing *69 after the call. It provides the number hidden by the caller and enables you to take appropriate measures.


So, if you’re still wondering who called me from this Phone Number, you can try the methods listed above. Free services are limited to certain information, while paid services allow you to look in-depth. They all do the trick, from simple searches in search engines to detailed searches in reverse phone number lookup services.


How can I track an unknown number? 

You can dial *69 or *57 to reveal the private phone numbers. While *69 doesn’t give the number, it connects you to the unknown number from which you just got the call. Likewise, *57 is similar to *69, except it lets the phone company track the last number you called and record all the related metadata.

Are there other platforms I can use to find out who called me? 

Yes, other platforms like Intelius and TruthFinder can help you discover who called you from a phone number.

How can I find caller details of a mobile number? 

You can use various reverse phone lookup tools and services to find the details of a mobile number calling you. Services like TrueCaller contain millions of user info provided by the community. It can help you find the caller details of a number.

Are these services safe? 

Yes, most reverse phone lookup tools are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. These services gather public records to provide information related to phone numbers. These services regularly update their sources, requiring a cost to keep their model running.

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