Twitter Introduces a Ticked Spaces Program with that creators can earn money.

Twitter Introduces a Ticked Spaces Program with that creators can earn money.

Twitter newly launched a Ticked Spaces Clubhouse competitor for users to convey audio-based chats and present several points in the form of Spaces.

It has now entered a new feature that will assist people in earning money by hosting audio chat rooms.

Twitter Spaces will be instantly be monetized with the start of the new Ticketed Spaces. It will present creators with a chance to earn money. People will promptly see a new Monetisation prospect in the sidebar within the Twitter app as per a press release.

Tapping on the same will support them enhance a part of the program, which is currently in beta version.

Twitter has also begun a standalone app for this, which will be available for Android and iOS users.

As per Twitter’s Senior Product Manager, Esther Crawford, the Twitter platform will present content creators with 97 percent of the commission, somewhere between $1 and $999. It will only impose a minor three percent as a processing fee. Nevertheless, it is exacted to increase its cut to 20 percent ultimately.

The new Ticketed Spaces feature is an extension to some other current ones. The list involves scheduling Spaces, multiple host controls, greater security, and simple discoverability. Twitter also lets people co-host Spaces for an interactive discussion.

Presently, Ticked Spaces is available as a component of beta in the US. Twitter will receive feedback from a little group of people who will obtain the feature before rolling it out for all.

In accession to this, Twitter has also begun possibility applications to Super Follows, the app’s subscription-based side with appended exclusive features. This is also available in the US as of presently.

For those who don’t understand, the new Twitter Spaces feature is also perceived from Clubhouse. The conventional audio platform afresh introduced the monetization feature for Clubhouse creators to make money by hosting interactive podcasts. The Clubhouse Payments feature also supposed to begin in India soon.


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