How to Fax Via Computer without Any Fax Machine

How to Fax Via Computer without Any Fax Machine

If you have ever used a fax machine, you would be aware of the costs involved with these machines. In addition to being quite expensive, there are constant maintenance and operational costs involved. 

New and improved technologies have evolved that ensure faxing via email. Through these modes, fax machines are being rendered less relevant. With the help of remote faxing facilities, you can perform any faxing functions without even touching a fax machine.

Online Fax Services

The online fax service is the new, improved, and most time-efficient way of sending out a fax. Of all the online fax alternatives available, CocoFax provides the most efficient and dependable platform. 

Fax Services

With CocoFax, you can send and receive a fax without any interface with a fax machine. The process is remote and time-saving. You save so much time, cost, and efficiency with CocoFax, you would wonder why were you even using a fax machine?

CocoFax: Best Way to Fax Without Fax Machine

Let’s face it, and fax machines are becoming more of a blessing in disguise. They are expensive, large, and occupy a lot of your functional space. While faxes are still considered one of the most preferred business communications methodologies, fax machines are becoming outdated.

CocoFax, in particular, is one such online faxing service that has brought a transformation in online faxing. It allows remote sending and receiving of faxes. If you are not sure of the functionalities, it also offers a 30-day free trial. 

This trial period is good enough to understand the functionality of this platform. You can assess, gauge, and then consider whether you want a long-term commitment with the web-based application. 

 Fax Without Fax Machine

If you are not so satisfied with it, you can cancel the subscription within the trial period. No extra cost will be levied in this process. In addition to the trial period, there are several reasons why you must prefer online faxing services over dated fax machines:

Remote Communication

If 2020 has taught us one thing, in particular, it is that remote functioning needs to be supported. This flexibility is highly bottlenecked when there is the extreme dependency upon a fax machine. 

By CocoFax, an online faxing service, provides impetus to businesses and employees to perform remotely. There is no dependency upon the office infrastructure. One official CocoFax subscription can assist in the extensive usage of online faxing services.

 Free Fax Number

The fax machine has no standing or relevance if you do not have a fax number. Applying for this number is another time taking phenomenon. It takes a lot of time and effort to get one. Another added benefit of CocoFax is that you get a free fax number.

The fax number you get with CocoFax is part and parcel of your subscription. You do not have to undergo any particular set of procedures to attain one. Thus, you save a lot of time in applying for and getting a fax number.

Fax Number

Cost Saving

A penny saved is a penny earned. When you switch from traditional faxing to online faxing services like CocoFax, the cost-saving can be substantial. For starters, you can save up on the significant investment involved in buying a fax machine. 

Further, you also curb all the costs about operational, stationery, repair, and maintenance costs. All you have with CocoFax are just your subscription charges, which are way less than the fixed and variable cost of a fax machine.

Process of Sending Fax through CocoFax

It is effortless to send a fax through CocoFax. It needs no out-of-the-way procedure. There is no one particular mode in which we can use this platform. There are multiple ways in which you can send out a fax. 

You can choose your best-suited method of using CocoFax. Out of the very many processes, below are the top ways in which you can send a fax without a fax machine:

Fax through Email

When using CocoFax, sending Fax through email becomes extremely easy and convenient. Users also prefer this method as it is well embedded into their daily functioning of email communication. In this scenario, you need to add the suffix in the ‘recipient’ column. 

The fax number plus the suffix mentioned above becomes the faxable email. To sum up, it’s (numeric digits of fax number) Through this mode, an analog telephonic method is converted into a digital form. CocoFax acts like a translator in this case. 

Email Fax

You can use all email modes like Gmail, Outlook, yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. can use your registered email ID to send out faxes. Just by composing any other correspondence, you can manage and send a fax as well.

Fax through Microsoft Office 365

As mentioned above, Outlook can also use Outlook to send faxes through email. Apart from Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 also has other modes of sending faxes. You can use a Microsoft word document to send a fax.

To use Microsoft Office Word to send a fax, you can also add CocoFax as a feature. Post the addition, CocoFax shall appear as a ribbon on the home page of the Word document. Resultantly, when you have opened a document that you need to send, you can click on the ribbon. 

On clicking, it will automatically take you to the CocoFax sign-in page. It will then seek your reconfirmation whether you need to send the Fax? Once reconfirmed, I will send you Fax will send your Fax. 

CocoFax Dashboard

Alternatively, you can also use CocoFax’s dashboard to send faxes. You can access the same from the computer, desktop, laptop, and even smartphones. The dashboard acts as a database of all the faxes.  

Summing up

Faxing via email is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things you will ever do. In addition to saving magnanimous cost, it also adds to the efficiency.

With CocoFax, you also make your business and functions ready for any necessities. There can be a lot of faxing alternatives available, but CocoFax honors all its claims and features. If you try it once, there will be no getting back to the fax machine, ever!


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