Apple Music subscription for free by tapping on Shazam

Apple Music subscription for free by tapping on Shazam

Apple is now giving a free Apple Music subscription for new users. The Cupertino giant allows a free trial for the first time Apple users, but as per the original offer, users can get Apple Music free for five years.

The new offer has been rolled out to users in India, Australia, Canada, the US, and other countries. The offer is only valid till January 17.

To get a free Apple Music subscription, all you ought to do is download Shazam on your iPhone or any other Apple device. After downloading the app, use Shazam to know the song. When you do this, you will get an opportunity to play the song on Apple Music, if Shazam is capable of recognizing the song.

When you tap on it, Shazam will offer you up to five months of Apple Music subscription for free if you are a new user. This indicates if you have never subscribed to Apple Music before, you can grab this offer for free.

As per a 9to5Mac article, some users have even described finding a banner of free Apple Music in Shazam settings.

Apple has confirmed offering the deal on its Shazam App Store page. “Holiday Offer through 1/17/21! Download & Shazam a song to get up to 5/mo free of Apple Music. New Apple Music users in GB, AU, US, CA, IN, NO, SE & more, terms apply,” the note by Apple states.

Apple has settled on the page that the offer is valid in various countries including India, United States, Australia, Canada, and more. Users can take the offer before January 17, 2021.

One of the Twitter users who happened through the procedure to get a free Apple Music subscription, wrote, “I shazamed Breath and got 2 months of Apple Music for free. I’m not even lying, ahgases pls Shazam the song you can get this too!!”

Apple Music offers a three-month trial period typically to its first-time users. This offer would only add two more months of free subscription. Apple Music is available for Rs 49/month for student subscribers, Rs 99/month for regular users, and Rs 149/month for a family.

The Apple Music subscription carries over 70 million songs, ad-free music and music videos, access beyond all Apple devices, Live and on-demand radio stations hosted by artists. The Family pack gives way to up to six people at a time and allows users to create a personal account for every family member.


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