Embedded systems in every business among us!

Embedded systems in every business among us!

Embedded systems are everywhere because nearly every business relies on computer systems. Even software development would not be possible without them.

Domains such as transportation, telecommunications, medicine, life sciences software, are just a small part of the application areas of embedded systems. But if you have not quite figured it out yet, now you’ve got the opportunity to discover somewhere else these computer systems conceal!

Embedded & Automotive

You check the most recent news, you get in the car and go to work daily.  Nothing surprising about it, right? Things seem so dull.  If we could only observe the embedded applications around us, everything would become interesting.  What if this electronic world took a concrete form?  Probably the typical route to work would be so different. Whether we’re Top Gear Fans or watched all of the Fast and Furious series, we must acknowledge the fact that cars are a necessity for the majority of us. 

Even more, the automotive industry is truly the most significant user of embedded systems and software.  Everything we know now as ABS, TCS or ESP are only traditional embedded systems, while contemporary complex systems concentrate on hybrid or electric cars.

But even if these systems are not in plain sight, they’re incorporated in plenty of devices around us, in our cars, houses, telephones, and provide us with a comfortable way of life.

Embedded software in medicine

It looks challenging to imagine that you may be operated by a robot, right?  But their precise contribution to medicines may save your life at one point.  From the traditional medical evaluation to the treatment of various health problems, these computer systems struggle alongside doctors.  Thanks to them, we’ve got tomograph computers, electrocardiographs, glucometers, ultrasounds, as well as surgical robots.

Surgical robots, equipped with embedded systems, have changed the medical sector entirely, managing to improve techniques and conquer the necessary limits in surgery.  Accordingly, through this technology, all of us benefit from the most advanced medical techniques.  As a result of embedded systems, now we have an advanced health care sector, which marks outstanding results, with radically reduced risks.

Embedded…from the skies

We have all wondered, at least once, how aeroplanes work.  However, over time, our fascination faded, and we looked at aircraft just as a mere method of transport.  If you kept a little curiosity concerning the subject, you ought to know, however, that embedded systems are utilised to guarantee the safety of air transportation.

Additional overcoming the obstacles of the visible world, the exploration of outer space wouldn’t have been possible without the embedded system.  The International Space Station also functions with plenty of embedded systems that ensure its proper functioning. Nevertheless, the main issue is security and a favourable life climate for astronauts.  Temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen are merely some of the significant conditions, which must be continuously adjusted to the best parameters.  These conditions are preserved with the aid of embedded software. Yes, we weren’t kidding when we said that embedded is anywhere.


As you can see, embedded systems are found in the majority of businesses and contribute significantly to the growth of the entire society. The computer systems with well-defined purposes, which simplify our lives so much, are becoming so prevalent that they seem something natural.  Their applicability is so widespread that it would take us weeks to mention all of them. Finally, we will need to reveal an additional detail -even embedded systems are interconnected.


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