Latest Innovation in Robotics with the Advancement of Technology

Latest Innovation in Robotics with the Advancement of Technology

Today, with the advancement in technology, the machines have leaped the research labs and are venturing into newer spheres. In the next decade, they are expected to depict an epic migration towards the automotive sector, pharmacies, and a lot more.

As such, an umpteen number of robots have already started contributing to a supreme-quality product and a minimum turnaround time in the manufacturing sector. These robots will be beneficial at almost every primary job and task.

Moreover, the good thing about robots is that they are lesser prone to errors, are highly effective, and require little downtime. This attributes to their high retention rate.

However, with every new machine, there has to be someone behind it to operate and repair it, should, and when it breaks down. That’s when the role of people trained in mechatronics comes into play.  

Here, in this article, we have summed up a few of the latest robotic inventions or innovations, and the reason why there need to be skilled mechatronics engineering technologists for the repair and maintenance of every tremendous and new robot.   

Multi-Tasking Bots

Momentum machines came up with the multi-tasking bots, which are adept at preparing a delicious gourmet hamburger in less than 10 seconds. Kylie, a finance assignment help expert who works with a top home-work writing company, TFTH, says that she can’t wait to see these multi-tasking robots in restaurants. Just imagine how exciting it would be to have your hamburger prepared in such little time. If that happens, there wouldn’t ever be a queue in restaurants. 

Asus Zenbo

It is an incredibly cost-effective robot, which is capable of rolling around autonomously. The robot even takes verbal commands efficiently. This device was developed by Asus to help the individuals remember their day to day tasks, such as medication schedules, exercises, and appointments with their doctor. Zenbo can also take an analysis of the surroundings to check for any emergencies. You can connect it with smart-home devices, such as door locks, lights, and security cameras. 


Well, Paro is intended to be a therapeutic robot, which has the appearance of a baby harp seal. It is a magnificent furry device, which aims to help reduce the stress levels of humans. Paro does so by stimulating interaction between the patients and the caregivers. Chris, a professional working with EduWorldUSA,says that he was thrilled about the effectiveness of Paro in assisting and motivating the patients. Paro’spsychological effects are drawn from the documented benefits of animal therapy. This robot comes with 5 different sensors, such as temperature, posture, audition, light, and tactile sensors. 


It is one humanoid robot, which can talk. Pepper adjusts to the attitude depending on how it perceives the mood of the people around it. So, yes, it is capable of actually understanding different emotional states, such as anger, joy, surprise, and sadness. The robot will then, based on the mood, try to respond most appropriately and naturally. Pepper employs the use of multi-directional microphones to pick up sounds. 

It is one incredibly innovative machine, which analyses the lexical field to understand the tone of voice. Hence, it can accurately understand the emotional context. For seeing, Pepper uses an amalgam of 2HD and 3D cameras for understanding the shape of the objects. The developers of this robot have embedded approximately 20 engines in their arms, back, and head for regulating the movements.

Saul Robot

James, a university senior year student, who had to reach out to TAE for some help with his assignments, says that the one robot he’s particularly excited about is the Saul Robot. Well, we understand his excitement because if sources are to be believed the Saul Robot will be able to fight dangerous diseases, such as the Ebola virus.

This robot was deployed by the Air Force to get rid of the virus from the rooms wherein the quarantine procedures were conducted on the healthcare workers. Xenex develops the robot, and it aims to eradicate traces of Ebola by way of the powerful pulses of the exceptionally energetic UV rays. With its phenomenal power, it weakens and breaks the cell walls of the virus.

UR3 arm

It is an automated device, which was created by Universal Robots. The robot is capable of building its replacement parts on the fly. This elegant and cute robot can handle a bunch of tasks, such as grasping, soldering, painting, and glueing. 

Google’s Worker Robots

Google intends to produce a working robot that has personalities. Recently Google even won a patent for their ambitious project. Engineers will trigger the machine to download and install characters from their cloud-based system. The robot will have the ability to display and store different personalities while interacting with humans. Gracia, who liked the best online digital marketing courses of TrumpLearning, says she is psyched by the thought of Google’s worker robots. Quite understandable!

Training and education in Mechatronics

Most of the employment opportunities for the role of the mechatronics will require you a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the relevant area of work. To be competitive, you must have training and education in the following fields:

  • Data communications
  • Programming
  • Software logic
  • Software design
  • Networking 
  • Physics
  • Instrumentation and measurement
  • Microcontrollers
  • Electric circuits


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