New Technology Innovations in the Year 2020

New Technology Innovations in the Year 2020

Technology is the sum of methods, skills, systems, and processes utilised in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Here we mentioned Top 10 New Technology in 2020.

1. Nanorobots

Nanotechnology has improved enough that today, in addition to administering drugs, DNA nanorobots can identify tumours inside the body and unload the thrombin dose so that they cannot continue feeding and die. These nanorobots move by themselves, react to stimuli and are 5,000 times smaller than the tip of a needle. New Technology in 2020.

The last advance of a few days ago at the University of Vermont was the development of a robot with living cells that have managed to move by itself called “xenobiotic.”

At just a millimetre in diameter and a few cells are programmed to perform tasks, such as moving to a target, picking it up, and taking it elsewhere. They are also “configured” to heal if injured.

2. Laptop with 5G connectivity

The HP Elite Dragonfly is the first convertible notebook that can connect to the 5G network with smart signal technology to boost antenna performance.

It also has a 10th generation Intel Core vPro processor. It was made from plastic materials salvaged from the oceans, and over 82% of the mechanical parts are made from recycled stuff.

3. Laser pencils that seal wounds

A portable laser pen is currently being developed that can seal wounds quickly and painlessly.

This kind of technology, which has been tested for military applications, could also be helpful for sports medicine or for people who go hiking and suffer cuts in remote places, where they can simply take a laser pencil out of their backpack and seal the wound—instantly stopping the bleeding.

4. Technology with noise-reducing

Nissan revealed a new light sound insulation material, known as an acoustic metamaterial. This way, you can build lighter vehicles that help take care of the environmental impact and improve energy efficiency.

5. Shockproof Cars

A lot of improvements are occurring in the auto industry—electric cars, lane departure controls, autonomous driving, etc. But within the list, there is one that is practically immediate attention, and they are the new crash-proof cars that Volvo is developing with radars and lasers that will avoid ramming the car before us without even touching the brakes.

Another company that has advanced by gigantic steps and is a pioneer in the field is the well-known Tesla by Elon Musk.

But if we have to mention a developing company that reaches out with some incredible ideas, where all these technologies come together, it is Bravo Motor Company, which with its intelligent network share, in addition to avoiding collisions, will help substantially reduce traffic in cities through the Smart grid of electric, autonomous, connected and shared cars.

6. 8K video smart TV

Samsung unveiled its line of 8K QLEDs that use enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimize audio, video, and smart abilities. It also enables you to use voice controls and access new functions, such as Tap View, Digital Butler, and Samsung Health. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be integrated with televisions.

7. Web 3.0

To know what Web 3.0 is and will be, we initially have to look back at Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Simply put, Web 1.0 was based on the use of hyperlinks, and Web 2.0 was based on the social exchange of links from person to person.

Web 3.0 includes a combination of socially sourced data that is curated by a highly refined and personalized algorithm. Computer scientists call it the “semantic web” and argue that we are now in the middle of it.

However, most top computer scientists object, declaring that Web 3.0 is still a few years away from reaching its full potential.
The semantic web will allow data to be processed by both humans and machines separately.

8. Brain-Computer Interfaces

Caltech researchers recently restored sensation in a paralyzed man’s arm, using electrodes embedded in his brain. As we learn the secrets of the brain’s cellular architecture and its relationship to human capabilities, we gain the power to treat diseases related to neurological and physical disorders.

2020 will be the year that brain-computer interfaces eventually arrive for those who need it, says Heather Berlin, a cognitive neuroscientist, and professor of medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

9. The Quantum Internet

Following technological advancements in quantum computing, you can anticipate seeing technology applied to the Internet, allowing cubits encoded with information to be sent and received (without being intercepted by malicious strangers). China has already developed ” quantum capable satellites ” that could host such a “quantum Internet,” and it is to be expected that significant technological advances in this field will occur very soon.

In two words, a quantum computer is a machine intelligent of solving computer difficulties practically at the speed of light.

10. Carbon dioxide collector

Practical and affordable ways to catch carbon dioxide from the air can consume excess greenhouse gas emissions.

In a remarkable finding last summer, Harvard climate scientist David Keith calculated that machines could, in theory, accomplish this for less than $ 100 per ton, through an approach known as direct air capture.

Carbon Engineering, Canadian startup Keith co-founded in 2009, plans to increase its pilot plant to increase the production of its synthetic fuels, using captured carbon dioxide as a critical ingredient. (Bill Gates is an investor in carbon engineering.) New fuels ??? Don’t they understand that the future is in self-renewable energy such as solar, wind, thermal, and tidal power?

Still, if practised in synthetic fuels or soft drinks, carbon dioxide will end up mostly in the atmosphere. The final goal is to block greenhouse gases forever. Some may be nested within products like carbon fibre, polymers, or concrete, but many more will only need to be buried underground, an high job that no business model seems to bear. “


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