Early Detection and Prevention of PAD

Early Detection and Prevention of PAD

Peripheral artery disease, commonly known as PAD, is a circulatory disorder. It restricts the blood from limbs, the lower and the upper. It’s one of the most common diseases these days, and PAD doctors all over the world are trying to figure out various ways to prevent and detect this disorder in its initial stages. This disorder mostly affects the arteries in the legs and can cause numbing cramps and pain in the hip muscles or legs, particularly when climbing stairs or walking.

Thanks to PAD doctors, today, one can think of preventing this fatal disease or treating it at its initial stages. This is a life-threatening disorder and can cost a life if left unattended. 

Risk factors

Antheroclosis is a major cause of PAD. Atherosclerosis is an accumulation of plaque on the arterial wall, which, as a result, restricts blood flow. With age, plaque accumulation is quite usual; but people with diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, and high blood pressure are at more risk of developing peripheral artery disease.

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Both men and women are at risk of developing PAD. People who are active smokers and also those who have quit smoking are at potential risk. Tobacco consumption can worsen this disease. Diabetic patients may develop an ulcer that does not heal, which is a sign of poor blood supply in the limbs and is a grave condition that must be given immediate attention.

Early Detection

Patients with potential risks should always be more careful. For early detection of PAD, the following procedures are used:

  • Vascular ultrasound- It is s special type of ultrasound to measure blood flow through the vessels and detect blockage or restrictions.
  • An MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can also be used for the early detection of PAD.
  • ABI(ankle-brachial index) is a test that gives comparative data on blood pressure in the ankle and the arms.
  • Contractility and vascular wall elasticity are also checked when detecting PAD. 

Prevention of PAD

According to research, the majority of the population above the age of 60 develop PAD, and lifestyle modification is the only way to prevent PAD.  A multidisciplinary approach to life is the right approach to preventing such disorders.

Lifestyle modification can prevent the risk of atherosclerosis which in turn can prevent PAD.

Here are some tips to help one live a healthy life and prevent PAD and other serious conditions.  

  • Stop smoking

Smoking is the root cause of many grave disorders as it damages the blood vessels and restricts blood flow and oxygen supply.  Smoking can cause plaque buildup. Smoking should be avoided to lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoke chemicals can also cause plaque to accumulate over time. Individuals who smoke should consult their doctor about quitting. Secondhand smoke should be avoided as well.

  • Mindful diet

Exercise alone is not enough. A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, along with exercise, can help to prevent PAD. Consume a heart-healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and low in fat. This can reduce the chance of developing health issues leading to PAD. 

  • Exercise

Exercise can promote the formation of new, small blood vessels. Such blood vessels can form in areas where there is a lack of blood circulation. This can allow blood to travel to tissues that require it, potentially alleviating symptoms. Physical activity can also improve overall health and reduce the risk of PAD-causing factors like high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. Attempt to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

  • Foot Health

Folks with PAD are more likely to develop foot problems such as ulcers, cuts, and bruises. These issues may necessitate amputation. Poor blood circulation can make it difficult to detect foot problems. A daily foot exam can assist people in detecting problems early on when they can be handled.

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