The Six Most Important Queries About Temporary Employment

The Six Most Important Queries About Temporary Employment

A temporary job gives you the freedom to work when it suits you best and allows you to broaden or hone your skills. According to our Job Confidence Index iJob Applicant Satisfaction Index results, more than 73% of candidates under 30 expect to develop more professional skills in the coming months, and almost 60% anticipate expanding their responsibilities. 

1. What are the Advantages of Temporary Employment?

Depending on where you are in your career and personal situation, temporary employment can have many advantages. Greater flexibility: Workers demand greater flexibility in their day-to-day for many reasons: to combine work with travel, to reconcile with family, or to find a better balance between work and personal life. 

You can try multiple jobs or industries. Newcomers to the job market find flexibility or self-employment an excellent way to gain a lot of experience in different sectors.

2. How Much can you Earn with a Temporary Job?

A temporary employee’s salary is generally calculated hourly or daily and paid through Page Personnel/PageGroup payroll.

3. What are the Secondary Benefits for Temporary Employees?

Temporary employees are entitled to the same ancillary benefits as permanent contract employees. This means, for example, that they are entitled to the same number of vacation days and travel allowances.

4. For What Reasons do Companies Hire Temporary Employees?

Companies hire temporary employees for many reasons, such as covering maternity or other leave During periods of the year with a heavy workload—assistance in special projects, To study if a newly created position has to be permanent.

5. Are Temporary Employees Entitled to Vacations?

 Temporary employees are entitled to the same vacation days as employees with a permanent contract. This means they are entitled to 25 days a year, working full time (40 hours a week). Page Personnel pays vacations and a standard hourly wage from the start of each job to all temporary employees.

6. What Can I Do to Continue Working?

Professionalism and maintaining excellent relationships with your consultant and our clients are critical factors in securing consistent temporary jobs? Please inform your consultant of your availability and any changes to your details, such as your address, phone number, and email. Also, update your resume as you gain experience and skills.


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