How to Advertise On Bing Search Engine?

How to Advertise On Bing Search Engine?

In a world dominated by Google, why advertise on the Bing network? There are many reasons, and we will explain them to you.

Every day I am asked, “How many clicks am I going to get with the SEO strategy we are developing?”. At that point, I have to explain that with SEO, visits or clicks are not guaranteed; only a more excellent visualization of your website; that then leads to users visiting the site is something else. Many people are often disappointed, and that is because they do not know that search engine advertising, quite unlike SEO, does help to get and measure the number of clicks over some time.

For me, advertising on search engines is essential if you want your page to be consulted while ranking organically; in fact, many choose to advertise even when their page is in the number one position of the search engines. I’ll tell you why.

Why Advertise on Search Engines?

On the Internet, your potential clients must see your web page to follow the links, and that can be quite a challenge. For a page to be positioned, it can take several months, and in the meantime, you would not be seen by your target market.

Advertising on search engines and the display network is an excellent help for your customers to see you from the first moment. The banner ads appear above the organic results, and if we assume that internet users click on the first result they see, then you are much more likely to get traffic through the ads.

Now, in a world dominated by Google, why advertise on the Bing network? Something is significant; I’ll explain it to you.

Bing Versus Google

Yes, Google is the king of internet searches, but that doesn’t mean the rest don’t exist. If we take it to proportion, Google accumulates two-thirds of the investigations on the Internet; the other third is, almost primarily, for Bing and Yahoo!

That Google is famous works in favor of those who advertise on Bing because advertising is usually cheaper and there is less competition. For example, for your ad to appear first at the Top of Google, you may be competing with 4 or 5 advertisers, which makes the bidding strategy in Google Ads more expensive. Advertising on Bing can be a great strategy, especially understanding that you reach a third of Internet users.

Further, I would tell you to study the habits of use and consumption of browsers in your country to determine if it is worth using this browser.

How to Create an Ad: Step by Step

If you have ever placed advertising on Google, creating a campaign on Bing will be easy since it works almost the same. Remember, Bing ads are shown across the network you share with Yahoo!

Register an Account

This is a straightforward step. Creating an account is nothing to write about, but it is vital to managing your campaigns. Be sure to keep your report organized so you can monitor the results of your campaigns.

Create a Campaign

Creating an advertising campaign in Bing is very simple; make sure to give it a representative name according to your advertising. If you launch more than one campaign simultaneously, it is convenient that you have everything very well organized.

Something significant when creating an advertising campaign in search engines and its network of sites is that you set an objective that will make you get better results. You have to tell yourself: I’m doing this to get visitors, or I’m doing it to get them to fill out a form, or whatever it is you advertise for.

Obviously, before creating a campaign, you must be clear about some aspects I will mention below.

Place Settings

I think the place setting is one of the most critical settings. Let’s see; your product is aimed at a defined audience; if you do not limit the area where your ads will appear, you will be paying for clicks that will not become customers; it is vitally important that you know this.

Try to define the place as much as possible; if local sales are your thing, limit the ads only to your environment; This is especially important if you have a bakery, locksmith, or similar business. Listings on Bing allow you to apply various place filters and use them as needed.

Audience Settings

Although it is difficult to determine the gender of a person in search engines, it is true that in the Bing ad networks, you can intuit the type of user who visits them. You must make settings so that your ads are well-targeted and segmented according to your audience (you must help with keywords). For example, if you sell a product for men, placing ads on sites where the audience is primarily women is of little use.

Later you will see that using keywords or phrases will help you segment who sees your ads.

Define words and terms for your campaigns

This is the strategic point of campaign planning, and you need to know how and what your potential customers are looking for to show them advertising. Bing offers you a keyword planner.

Like optimizing your web page, keywords help Bing decide when to show your ad. Depending on your configuration, the system will have more or less freedom to show your ads.

For example, a campaign set to a broad match gives the system much more freedom to show your ads, whereas if the game needs to be exact, it will only show when that condition is met.

Remember, you are the one who decides where and how to display the ad; it is worth analyzing which words or phrases are the ones that best trigger actions in your audience.

For example, it may be that “hire locksmiths in Barcelona” is a better keyword for ads than just “locksmiths Barcelona” since, with the first one, it is intuited that the user is more willing to carry out an action that represents a benefit for the advertiser. It is also true that the word or phrase chosen will depend on its popularity among users.

Match Types for Ads on Bing:

Broad Match

For single words with a broad match, Bing will show your ad every time your term appears in a search; even if there are more words, they appear in a different order or are synonyms.

Broad Match Modifier

With this option, you have more control over the searches that will show your advertising. In essence, you add a search modifier that favors the appearance of the ad if specific terms are used, in some cases, limits the formation under terms that have not been specified.

Phrase Match

With this option, you tell the system that it can only show your ad if the phrase appears unchanged in the search. You can show your ads on searches that contain other words, but never if there is a modification of terms or order.

Exact Match

This setting tells the system that it can only show your ads if the search matches the keywords or phrases exactly; no other words can appear, nor changes of order.

Negative Agreement

You can specify that your ad is not shown for specific searches with a negative match. It is beneficial when you know of prevalent inquiries, but that does not mean benefits for your business; advertising under those terms could kill your advertising budget.

Create Your Ad

The bases for creating an advertisement are apparent: you must attractively transmit the message and anticipate the needs of your potential clients.

Use short phrases for the title, but have great value (also match popular search terms). The description must be very striking and invite clicking.

Once on the landing page, your page must offer what the user was looking for; in fact, the content and quality of the landing page depends on whether Bing positions your ad better or worse.

Define a Budget

The best thing about these ad systems is that you can define a budget that is respected over time. For example, if you decide that you want to invest only 20 euros per day, the system will show your ad until that limit is reached. A good strategy is to set the display of your ads according to the hours in which your business is open, if applicable.

Remember, these ads are paid per click received so that the system will calculate the cost of each click, and from there, it will determine the number of potential customers that will lead to your website.

Ideally, you should pay less per bid (pay per click), which is determined by the keyword, popularity, and quality of the landing page.

How Does Bing Rank Ads?

Bing works like Google; the ads go through a bidding system, where the one that offers the most gets first place.

There is a big but here: you can offer a lot but still not appear first. You should know that search engines are interested in making money but also in their customers’ experience, which is why they prefer to advertise a site that is truly valuable to the user than another that is of dubious origin.

The system evaluates the landing page. The one with the best rating has the best options to stay in first place for a lower payment.

If your landing page meets Bing’s guidelines but doesn’t have the best score, you’ll need to pay more than the rest to appear first. In any case, you decide that you are the one who offers the amount to pay for each click, and the system does the rest of the work.

If you notice that your bid does not reach the first place, then you should increase what you offer or improve your ad’s landing page.

Measure Results and Adjust

The last step and the most important to be successful is that you measure results and make decisions. Over time you will realize that there are more relevant keywords than others and that you should appear first; in those, you could improve the bid so that your opportunities are better.


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