Why All Small Businesses Need SEO to Survive

Why All Small Businesses Need SEO to Survive

The 21st century will go down in history as the century of the internet. The human being has become accustomed to life in ‘the cloud,’ and day-to-day life seems impossible without his presence. Now that individuals live their lives online, businesses need SEO to be found.

From shopping in a supermarket to checking the Metro timetables, going through the search for a new flat, or requesting information for an academic year. Everything revolves around the network, a virtual world where companies – more than ever – must be present.

Customers are so used to using the Internet that they will also turn to it when they need to find a product or service. That is when the famous SEO enters the scene. Three letters are essential for the business sector as loved as they are hated.

SOS: Your Company Needs SEO

The ‘Search Engine Optimization –SEO, in its shortened form– are the words that designate web positioning in search engines. And what is SEO for? In a very brief way, SEO will contribute to giving any company more presence on the internet and, therefore, they will be able to reach a more significant number of clients.

According to Forbes magazine, between 80 and 90% of users search the internet before hiring a service or making a purchase. Such a high percentage reflects the importance of appearing in the eyes of the client when creating the query, which is only achieved through SEO positioning.

For companies, it is essential to be visible: if a customer searches for ‘car workshops in Madrid,’ it is almost entirely likely that they will not go beyond the first page of results offered by Google. This is where SEO and its magic of it come into play.

Why Use SEO Also in Small Businesses   

Although large companies cannot abandon their SEO projects in digital marketing – any mistake can make competitors more visible – for small companies, it is perhaps even more relevant. Its smaller number of clients and, therefore, its lower income makes it extremely important to be able to appear before users when they claim their services or products.

It doesn’t matter if the firm is technological or crafted because Google doesn’t just search for telephone companies or cable television companies.

At a time when 15% of Spaniards spend, on average, five hours connected to the internet, small businesses must establish an SEO protocol to position their activity in the corresponding sector.

Strategies to Not Go Crazy With SEO

“If something isn’t on the internet, it doesn’t exist,” said Bill Gates more than 20 years ago. At that time, the founder of Microsoft did not know how much truth his words would contain. To ensure that both small and large companies have a presence on the web, it is convenient to remember some simple online positioning strategies.

The Customer is the Key:

Although SEO works through complex algorithms, it is essential that the content that you want to position put customers in the main focus. It is about working for and with them because if a quality web page is offered that meets their needs, the visits will come naturally, and the positioning will follow an ascending line.

The Importance of Keywords:

The published contents should include the keywords by which the users will search for a particular product or service. But not only in the visible texts: spaces must also be enabled in the page’s code to contain these ‘keywords.’

The Mobile, always in Mind:

The ways of using the internet are changing, and more and more people have abandoned desktop searches in favor of mobile searches. That is why it is essential to develop SEO also in this format, including the development of voice queries. Google Adwords has already warned that, in some countries, searches on its domain through smartphones exceeded those from desktop computers.

Targeting to Hit the Nail on the Head:

The net is so vast that trying to cover it completely is impossible. That is why it is critical to focus the company on the area that best suits its formula.


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