Google will soon charge for the Google Photos editing feature

Google will soon charge for the Google Photos editing feature

Google Photos is an app that almost every Android & iPhone user relies on for photo backup. This app has grown so much over the years that it is practiced for photo editing, as well.

Saving for extra storage, all these features have remained free for all, but this may change soon. Google Photos might put select editing options behind a paywall, which might be a piece of Google One subscriptions.

In a few disappointing move, Google could be barring its Photos users from reaching all filters. To unlock these filters, a Google One subscription will be needed.

Folks at XDA Developers have seen several situations inside the code of the latest Google Photos app (version 5.18) that look out that the Google One subscription strength soon make additional features as Google goes to strip free users of them.

This update does not, however, consider any such information in plain sight. Only a teardown of the app showed the Google Photos paywall feature. But that is the case for most users. Some preferred users have looked out they already see the paywall inside their Google Photo app.

One of these examples includes a user who took to Twitter to explain that the Photos app is urging him to get a Google One subscription to unlock the “Color Pop” filter in the UK.

The screenshots were shared by XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman. The Google One subscription tier that unlocks this feature is rated at GBP 1.59 per month. This plan looks new because the 100GB storage plan costs EUR 1.99 per month in the UK.

Google, however, said to The Verge that the “Color Pop” feature is not locked behind a paywall. The Google One subscription will only allow a larger version of that feature that users can use on more photos. This might not be a direct report, but Google has confirmed the Google One paywall is occurring.

In India, Google One costs Rs 130 per month for 100GB. If Google chooses to move in this direction even for its Indian users, there could be a Google One subscription that will price less than Rs 130 per month, going by the UK price.

Well, it’s not sure what Google has prepared for Photos users, but this paywall certainly looks like the one that can ruin our favorite photo-editing app.


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