Small features to follow in the business world

Small features to follow in the business world

Business features are leading in the world to do business because it is one of the sources of income that the personality is earning money to throw at it.

The one with the best product doesn’t always win. In the vast majority of cases, it is enough that it is not noticeably worse than the competition.

It does not suggest that you should not make an effort to develop your product. At the same time, you shouldn’t wait until you have a complete product to start selling. Searching 100% is a waste of time because the relationship between work and benefit is not worth it.

Report on time for a meeting: No one likes to wait. Waiting is a waste of time. Although depending on the city where you reside, 5-15 minutes are allowed, you should not have to begin the meeting with an excuse for being late.

Make small meetings: A meeting ought not to take more than 30-45 minutes. If you make it well, you “steal” less time from the personality you meet. Typically you calculate at least 1 hour, so it is a wonder to finish earlier.

Do not send Powerpoint displays: we have had ours for months, not to say years that we have sent them. If someone questions you for it, it’s almost a sure sign that in life, they won’t do it with you. Don’t send them. No one will stare at them, and it is a waste of time.

Ask if he can spare yourself time – and not just if it’s a cold call. I get it right; you have 2 minutes? Yes, the answer is “no, but call me in 30 minutes” this person has received a commitment with you. It is for this purpose that when they want to sell me something on the phone that I am not involved in, I say that they call me within 1 month that I will be travelling.

Make a report of meetings by email: It is one of the responsibilities. A few hours following, you have forgotten half of what was said. Imagine what you learn weeks later if you can’t find the notes.

Avoid intrusive communication: Avoid proactive contact such as mobile, Skype, Whatsapp, Instagram, or similar. Why? Because you cannot avoid it, and you feel compelled to respond at the moment. You can use it if, after many emails, you have not received a response from the other person.

Paying an invoice early: Paying an invoice before it expires in other countries is entirely reasonable. It makes a very positive impression on me because, in 95% of cases, you have to claim to receive payment.

It’s the limited details in relationships that make the difference. Take care of them to stand out from the contest and be liked. Sympathy is the first step to selling.


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