How Clouding Advances are Going to Influence the Activity of Company

How Clouding Advances are Going to Influence the Activity of Company

The Cloud is on everyone’s lips but it is not the only news. In recent weeks, the topic of the moment has been Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, data, and many other terms that make managers and experts wonder how these advances are going to influence the activity of their company, if they will manage to integrate and adapt with naturalness or if the opportunity will turn into error and failure. 

Just a year ago, we also discussed how teleworking broke into our routine as the only alternative. Today, it is already so established that it has been with us all our lives and that hybrid work is the most productive modality. 

Whatever the topic of conversation, they all have in common that they focus on digitization as a way to grow and attract talent, as a form of modernization in favor of improving customer productivity, or as a strategic differentiation and positioning against the competition. And, in said digitization, the Cloud occupies a role that is as essential as it is a priority. 

Journey to Cloud: More than Scalability, flexibility, and Agility

In January, we launched a study analyzing how companies are adopting the Cloud and leading their migration to the Cloud. In addition to the data and percentages, as well as a precise x-ray of the situation of the organizations concerning their technological transformation process, the report helped us to confirm what we had been perceiving for some time. There is no successful digitization if there is no mature cloud strategy. 

Companies are also aware of the competitive advantage provided by the Cloud. In fact, only 6% still need to start the migration. But beyond the benefits of scalability, flexibility, agility, cost reduction, ease of reconciliation, and fostering the adoption of cybersecurity solutions, the general preference for the hybrid model is striking.

This option combines the public and private Cloud with the physical infrastructure. From our expert opinion as integrators, the most profitable modality, even though its choice depends on the specific needs of each business and its economic and technical capacity. 

With a hybrid model, companies simultaneously obtain the benefits of the public Cloud mentioned above (scalability, business continuity, ease of external collaboration, and access to innovative technologies) and, at the same time, retain the private use of the Cloud for those apps that must be kept on-prem. 

The Cloud is versatile

On the other hand, in the report, we also wanted to study the service model that companies have to manage workloads. Here we saw that the majority used IaaS for storage and backup solutions, and computing for application and web servers, that PaaS was used to develop, deploy and manage cloud-optimized apps, and SaaS for collaboration, office automation, and eCommerce suites, given the ease of adoption. 

This is irrefutable proof that the Cloud is versatile and capable of responding to the requirements of a company in the contemporary era in terms of its digital environment. Or, what is the same, it is proof that the Cloud is the basis needed to develop technological solutions focused on any objective, be it cybersecurity, application modernization, data measurement and analysis, or remote collaborative work. 

For this reason, the strategy of any organization must be focused on starting or continuing the Journey to the Cloud because, with the Cloud, any spirit of digitization will be able to continue. 

For our part, the primary responsibility will be to achieve the highest level of certification and knowledge of the market and its sectors to, when required, answer the questions and requests that companies have about the Cloud. 

According to the study we carried out, more information about cybersecurity in this field, more access to evaluate costs, and, perhaps what appeals to us the most, integration partners that provide constant monitoring and updating. If we can do that, we’ll be paving the way so that we’ll be ready when the customer adopts the Cloud on their Journey to Cloud.


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