Internet Curiosities About the Invention That Changed the World

Internet Curiosities About the Invention That Changed the World

There was a way to live before the Internet and another after. All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have experienced the revolution that meant connecting through what is known as the network of networks. For this reason, and to commemorate its existence, we bring you seven Internet curiosities you may not know.

It is much more polluting than it seems

Although we are continually advancing towards a sustainable digital transformation, the truth is that today, using the Internet is quite polluting. A study carried out by Climate Impact shows numerous data on its environmental impact. The use of the Internet is more polluting than that of aviation.

The first social networks were a little like those of today

One of the curiosities of the Internet has to do with social networks, which have changed so much the way of interacting in the world. Those first social networks had points in common with the current ones. Still, if we compare them, we see that neither in appearance nor in benefits are similar to the current ones. Although popular belief is that MySpace was the first social network, it is true that and came before it.

The rudiments of the Internet come from much earlier

Although we all accept that the Internet was created and launched in the 1990s, it has its history. For example, Arpanet, the first interconnected computer network, was created in 1969 and is considered the Internet’s predecessor. .com domains were created in 1984, and the first emoticon dates back to 1979. As a curious fact, it consisted of a hyphen and a parenthesis: -)

One of the curiosities of the Internet that you have surely wondered: how many pages does it have?

Have you ever wondered how many Internet pages there are in the world? According to data from August 2021, there are about 1,900 million. Of course, a not inconsiderable part is static pages, and nobody ever closed or updated.

The first YouTube video is almost 20 years old

Called Me at the Zoo lasts less than 20 seconds and shows one of YouTube’s co-founders, Jawed Karim, at the zoo. As content, it is practically irrelevant, but it has the honor of being the first content to be uploaded to YouTube 18 years ago!

The series ‘Los Informaticos’ imagined it as a little black box

Although the Internet is a network of interconnected computers that is practically impossible to imagine together, in the series Los Informaticos, its creators imagined it as a black box with a light. In reality, it was all a joke to highlight the lack of knowledge about the internet of a colleague from the department.


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