Technological Trends Determine Business Development in 2023

Technological Trends Determine Business Development in 2023

The main trends and challenges facing companies and workers in the technology sector for 2023.

The forecast for the next year is an increase in the adoption of the technologies of the Industrial Metaverse, Augmented Reality (AR). ), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will increase productivity and business efficiency.

Rise of the Industrial Metaverse: The digitization of work has been a hot topic in recent years, but for the processes of frontline workers, who are estimated to make up around 80% of the global workforce, it has only just begun. Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (RM) solutions create the foundation of the Industrial Metaverse, helping frontline workers to be more efficient, and improving employee satisfaction. For this reason, TeamViewer foresees a boom in adopting Industrial Metaverse technologies.

Augmented and Mixed Reality as a method to improve the efficiency of companies: Today, more and more employers were turning to advanced technologies, such as wearables and augmented reality (AR), as well as mixed reality (MR), to more efficiently use the time and resources of their frontline workers. Line. In fact, according to a recent TeamViewer survey, companies that deliver training with AR are twice as likely to achieve their onboarding goals, with the main benefits seen in regulatory compliance, progress tracking, reduced errors, the experience of the employees and retention of information in their memory. On the other hand, given AR and MR’s benefits, 62% of organizations plan to increase spending on technology supporting frontline workers by 2023. In addition, companies will harness technologies from the industrial metaverse in the coming year to radically improve their efficiency, productivity, onboarding, and security. According to a company study, 80% of onboarding leaders expect frontline employee productivity to increase in the next 12 months thanks to new technology.

The use of Artificial Intelligence streamlines processes: Companies are beginning to realize that they can integrate AI capabilities can incorporate AI capabilities into AR workflows to perform verification assessments through image recognition, reduce the likelihood of human error, and increase worker agility and performance. And to carry out automated security tests that provide an intelligent defence against the most common occupational hazards. Furthermore, the digital transformation of manufacturing, logistics and business processes has generated valuable data, but being able to sift through and make sense of all this new information is humanly impossible. That is why TeamViewer hope that in 2023 we will see a growing trend of manufacturers when it comes to taking advantage of AI technologies, especially for predictive and data analytics as well as your day-to-day operations. “Customers will see immediate’ time to value’ by enriching complex manual processes with self-learning algorithms”, explains Hendrik Witt, adding: “There will also be greater accessibility of AI across platforms, bringing its value to frontline workers. the first line”.

Associations between companies as an engine of expansion: Partnerships have always been an excellent tool for expanding the reach and usefulness of a product or service while benefiting the end user. But these have taken on new importance as we move through this period of economic uncertainty. Companies see the need to get the most out of resources and turn to technology and data to achieve them. That said, technologies cannot continue to live in isolated bubbles, providing one-off and unconnected solutions to global problems. “Only by connecting devices, information and people, through strategic partnerships, companies achieve a digital transformation that benefits the organization from the front office to the frontline worker. This becomes especially relevant in the case of emerging technologies in the Industrial Metaverse, which we believe will gain greater adoption through increased partnerships”, states Alfredo Patron.

Hybrid work is here to stay:  In the wake of the pandemic, many opportunities have arisen for software utilization in this hybrid world. This has allowed companies to adopt a more sustainable approach, which will feed their long-term digital transformation goals. From onboarding and training to productivity and efficiency, software and hardware collaborate to deliver information when and where it’s needed most. This trend will accelerate in 2023 as technologies like AI and AR mature further to help create functional, connected platforms across the enterprise to deliver cost savings, productivity gains, and greater worker satisfaction.


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