Why is Digital Marketing Essential for eCommerce?

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for eCommerce?

The appearance of businesses and the sale of products on the Internet are growing steadily worldwide. In our country, this growth has been noted since 2020 due to the pandemic. Previously, it was the big cities that bet on adopting this shopping system. Since the pandemic, business transformation due to change in our society has accelerated at all levels and in all areas.

This new situation makes digital marketing the primary tool for e-commerce. Digital marketing is the basis for marketing a product or service through the platforms offered by the Internet and promoting and positioning the most important stores and brands worldwide.

Why is digital marketing so important for your e-commerce?

An excellent digital marketing strategy is nowadays essential for any business with an online presence.

97% of consumers look for information on the Internet before buying a product or service online. But this is not only limited to purchases over the Internet but also those in traditional channels, since 82% of smartphone users inform themselves from their devices before making purchases in physical stores, and 45% read reviews and opinions.

We have been observing the rise of virtual businesses on social networks for some time. Your e-Commerce needs to be present on social networks and take care of every detail since it is the leading showcase of your e-commerce

However, what accelerates the growth of your e-Commerce are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques since a good web positioning achieves a more significant influx of visitors to your website and, therefore, a substantial increase in this sales channel.

The best digital marketing tools for your e-commerce.


Your website must have an attractive and professional design. However, if you do not complement it with a good SEO strategy, you may not get the visits you expected.

Web positioning or SEO is critical when creating e-commerce. If you optimize the SEO strategy of your online business, you will be able to get your website to appear in the first results of the SERPs and, therefore, increase visits and conversions.


In an increasingly globalized business world, a blog is an ideal tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors by showing your target audience what you know about your sector. By talking about the issues that concern your followers, you become an expert and increase your brand’s online reputation and boost your e-commerce.

The fundamental objective is to generate relevant content capable of attracting and retaining readers. Thanks to your publications, you can position yourself as an authority on the subject and improve your credibility as a professional.

Search engine advertising

SEA is a form of paid marketing that aims to go directly to search engine results to show your website at the top of the results. SEA ads are buying ad space that is above the organic search results. In this way, it allows to quickly increase the number of visits that a website receives through some advertisements in the search engines.

Every time a user arrives at your e-commerce and clicks on an ad, it will cost an amount. The SEA seeks to generate as many impressions as possible on an ad and get as many clicks as possible.

Content Marketing

Content creation is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends. In any of the channels that we frequent daily, we can see the work of multiple content creators making their way to stand out and capture your attention.

A well-optimized content marketing strategy will increase traffic to your website, improve your SEO efforts, attract new customers to your e-commerce, build trust, and differentiate you from the competition.

Users can ask questions, give opinions and raise other issues. This is precious information to improve your content and adapt your products or services to your customer’s demands.

Social media

The presence in social networks will make your E-commerce more visible, and you will be able to build your brand, get users to interact with the content, create a community and establish relationships with other professionals in the sector.

Email Marketing

A correct email marketing strategy based on personalization and valuable content will increase the chances of buying profitably and without consuming many resources. In addition, you will be able to study and verify the success of your campaigns by analyzing the most important KPIs in email marketing.

Video Marketing

Product videos are ideal for answering frequently asked questions from users and increasing their confidence. A widely used resource is unboxing, which refers to removing a product from its packaging and showing its functions and utilities.

Go to digital marketing experts and boost your e-commerce.

An influential presence on the Internet acquires excellent relevance, especially if we are discussing e-commerce.  

As we have just seen, although managing our e-commerce requires some time, if we have the right strategy and the best tools, we will optimize the process to grow our e-commerce.

For this reason, we must delegate digital marketing experts to accompany us when choosing a good digital marketing strategy and the best tools.


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