Smart Home Devices with Connectivity of Virtual Assistant

Smart Home Devices with Connectivity of Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant has come into our lives with force and has positioned itself as one of the most used technological innovations. Discover the different models and which ones work with Soffie.

What is a virtual assistant? When we talk about the virtual assistant in the domestic sphere, we refer to artificial intelligence software with which we interact by voice through loudspeakers or our mobile devices.

We can ask him for all kinds of things, and his goal is to meet our needs, solve ours and, ultimately, become the closest thing to a virtual butler that we can find today. 

The functions of a virtual assistant are many and are continually growing. 

You can sing the shopping list to him so that he writes it down and then reminds you of it; you can ask him for songs, set alarms with just your voice set reminders and synchronize your calendar so that he can notify you of your subsequent appointments. 

You can also call someone through the assistant or send them audio notes, ask for restaurant recommendations, and ask what movies are playing this afternoon at the cinema. As you can see, the word “assistant” is excellently chosen because they assist you at any time and in case of any doubt. 

Discover Smart Home Services

Having your virtual assistant has many advantages, and it is a technology that has grown exponentially over the last few years to become another member of many households. 

If you are considering acquiring a virtual assistant program, you will want to know which main models are currently on the market. 

Types of Virtual Assistants


It’sIt’s Amazon’s virtual assistant, and it’s tied to Amazon Echo devices, which are smart speakers. Other assistants can be linked-to hardware that includes a screen, and they give you both visual and auditory information, but this is not the case with Alexa since the Amazon Echo are just speakers. 

However, it is one of the most complex and advanced assistants. You can establish long conversations with it and ask it for all kinds of things; it can add applications to it and expand its skills and develop its skills over time.     


This is Apple’s assistant, and it is one of the best known so far. It has all the typical functions of an assistant that we have explained previously. He can be incredibly witty and has a female voice (typical for this type of device). 


Google also has its virtual assistant, responding to the “OK Google” voice command. The good thing about this assistant is that you can synchronize it with your searches in the Google search engine, so it will know you much better and offer you the best results when you ask it. 


This is the Windows wizard. Its functions are not as extensive as other systems, but it can learn about the person’s activity using the device and even draw and list conclusions. Therefore, the experience ends up being more personalized.

Virtual assistants and the accompanying smart speakers are key factors in building a smart home. But, if we talk about smart home, the unifying element you are interested in knowing is Soffie.

Soffie: More than your Virtual Assistant

Soffie is a comprehensive home protection system that uses the latest technology to connect smart home devices to an advanced management system that actively takes care of your family and home. 

Soffie’s objective is clear: put the artificial intelligence of the house at your service from a single platform where you control every one of the intelligent elements you have installed. 

Soffie is formed from integrating devices into a secure, private and exclusive network in your hands. Through the Soffie app on your mobile, you will control everything that happens in the house quickly and easily. 

There are several compatible devices that Soffie can integrate into its platform, and the Amazon Echo is one of them. If you are considering which assistant to acquire or you want your home to worry about you and make your life easier, Soffie and Amazon Echo is the best combination for it.


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