Artificial Intelligence: Facebook working on mind-reading tech

Artificial Intelligence: Facebook working on mind-reading tech

Facebook is supposedly preparing to build a new neural sensor that can understand people’s minds and turn these thoughts into actions.

This current project will launch facebook further into the artificial intelligence domain, some examples of which did not go well with Facebook.

Facebook has also declared a new tool that compiles news articles into bullets so that readers do not have to contribute much time to them, a move that can impact publishers on the social media platform.

The decisions were made at Facebook’s yearly meeting that included everyone working at the company. The details of the connections are not available publicly, but BuzzFeed News managed to obtain an audio recording that was spread to all employees.

Facebook has exposed some severe plans that are linked with upgrades in the AI category, as the company makes a predictably tough year with even tougher events that acted as a challenge.

The neural sensor that the company is stated to be growing uses the resources of CTRL Labs, a group that Facebook acquired in 2019.

According to the report, the sensor will take the neural signals from the brain through the spinal cord and arms, and directly to the wrist. This will enable users to make real actions based on their thoughts.

According to Facebook, this will encourage users to hold a virtual thing, typing, and establishing a character in a video game. This is uncannily related to the nascent brain-reading technology that Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is working on. It will be exciting to see what spin Facebook gives to this tech.

Facebook has seen itself made in various controversies, including political movement in India, discontent among employees, and most importantly, the antitrust cases over dominance in the US and elsewhere.

Artificial intelligence is not a small assistant that its services can take advantage of. Facebook is pegging AI as the panacea for all the challenges that it has faced and will possibly deal with in the future. “We are paving the way for breakthrough new experiences that, without hyperbole, will enhance the lives of billions,” said Mike Schroepfer, chief technology officer at Facebook in the briefing, as per BuzzFeed News.

In the future, Facebook is introducing the “TLDR” (short for too long, didn’t read) tool, which is a tool that will generate a synopsis of news articles, saving readers a good deal of time.

This sounds unfavorable for publishers who have deep connections with Facebook for news content, along with special projects that are connected with fighting misinformation on the platform. It is not directly clear how this feature will change the ties the company has with publishers. A Facebook spokesperson did not comment on this development.


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