What is PHP, Why is it Used, and How is it Beneficial for Developers?

What is PHP, Why is it Used, and How is it Beneficial for Developers?

You might not be a developer, but perhaps you’re covered with developer-Esque topics like, “What language is the most suitable for my new website?” When talking about design firms or development troops, keep in mind that each has a different idea about what’s most valuable.  

Programmers are used to taking one or two languages to stay centred. Being an authority in one technology is more valuable than identifying individual ones but on a beginner level. 

PHP is one such standard technology that developers prefer to concentrate on, and you may be questioning: Why is PHP or Isn’t PHP outdated. And with this article, we will explain the question. 

What is PHP?

Some want to declare that PHP as a programming language is gone, but that’s not exact. PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting and programming language that’s essentially used for web development. 

Most of the core WordPress software is composed of PHP, offering PHP a critical language for the WordPress community.

There are several versions of PHP that you can install on your server, with the newer PHP 7.4 and 8.0 giving notable performance enhancements over the earlier versions.

The initial version of PHP launched 26 years ago. Now it’s on version 8, delivered in November 2020, but version 7 continues the most generally used.

PHP runs on the Zend engine, which is the standard modern implementation. Some other accomplishments, like a parrot, HPVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine), and Hip Hop, were designed by Facebook.

PHP is primarily used for building web servers. It works on the browser and is also able to run in the right line. So, if you don’t seem like dispensing your code output in the browser, you can distribute it in the terminal.

Advantages of PHP

PHP has terrific advantages that have successfully performed it, and it’s been the go-to language for web servers.

PHP is platform-independent. You don’t have to have a particular OS to use it because it operates on every platform, whether it’s Mac, Windows, or Linux.

PHP is open source. The unique code is made possible to everyone who requires to build upon it. 

PHP is not troublesome to learn for complete beginners. You can choose it up much if you already have programming knowledge.

You can connect PHP to all Databases, relational and non-relational. 

PHP results in more active site loading speeds. PHP codes run much faster than ASP.


Since PHP is open-source, it doesn’t need any extra fancy software to work with. You don’t have to spend on additional licenses or fees, and there are no limitations. Due to the various integration options, using PHP is free of charge, decreasing the overall development costs.

Fast Load Time

PHP results in more active site loading speeds. PHP codes run more durable than ASP because it runs in their own memory space while ASP utilizes an overhead server and a COM-based architecture.

Custom Development

The server-side PHP is the most helpful tool for building custom websites as any design options do not check it. Therefore, developers can create a web platform based on PHP that precisely matches the clients’ requirements. 

For example, coupled with JavaScript, the dev team can create a functional and, at the same time, good-looking website.

In job availability, PHP ranks sound better than many other programming languages on the job platform. Indeed, many PHP developers perform a good living, making WordPress themes and plugins every year.


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