Boost your Website On-Page SEO with these Proven Tips

Boost your Website On-Page SEO with these Proven Tips

Almost everyone is starting their online business, especially in this covid. The number of people making online purchases has doubled in the last few months. People prefer searching online before making any purchases. Around 40% of the website traffic starts with a search query. 

That’s why companies are putting their best efforts into improving their rankings and boosting their search traffic. 

Indeed, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is becoming important these days. If you successfully stay at the top of Google, you can easily make people redirect to your site and convert them into leads. 

When it comes to improving SEO, then there are different strategies then one should consider. But today, in this blog, we will mainly focus on website on-page SEO. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing all your web pages for some particular keywords so that your page gets more visibility and traffic. 

According to research, 57% of marketers consider that on-page SEO is one of the most effective SEO tactics. Having an effective on-page SEO strategy will help you enhance the user experience on your website and generate quality leads. 

To make your on-page SEO stronger. I have jotted down some actionable tactics by considering upgrading your on-page SEO strategy and seeing real-time results. 

Noia, without any further discussions, let’s cover the basics.

On-Page SEO Tactics

Let’s begin… 

Create Appealing Headlines

It’s hard to trust that no matter how informative your blog is, people will probably ignore your post and redirect to another page if it does not have a compelling headline. That’s why every marketer is putting their best efforts into crafting their blog titles. 

If you have effective headlines, then it would become easier to get the audience’s attention. According to the research conducted by backlinko, it is found that emotional titles get 7% more clicks than those that didn’t have emotional consent. 

Whenever you create a headline, make sure it does not exceed 70 characters. Crafting a perfect headline for your post helps you in increasing the entire quality of your blog. You ensure your headline score; you can make the best use of this free tool named Headline analyzer. Try to consider the titles having 70+ scores as it will help you in performing better in SERPs. 

Use Canonical Tags

Another tip that can help you in improving your website on-page SEO is by adding canonical tags. Canonical tags are the ones by which you can quickly tell search engines that there is some similar content on the site, but actually, they should consider the particular content. 

With this option, you can add similar content on your website with multiple URLs without affecting your search rankings. So, if you don’t want to see duplicate content issues on your site, then make sure you utilize canonical tags effectively. 

Add Short and Keyword-Rich URLs

Another tip that can help you in enhancing your website on-page is using appropriate URLs. Search engines and Google always consider the URLs that are short and have the highest searches. 

So, it’s always a good idea to add high-traffic keywords in the URL. For this, you can use different tools like Ubersuggest, Semrush, etc. 

Once you know the keywords people search for, you can easily use them in your URL and see your content higher on Google results. Avoid ugly and long URLs because they might not get you the results as per your expectations.

Update your Existing Blogs 

To improve your on-page SEO, you need to see whether your older blogs have the power to grab visitors’ attention. Whenever your blog gets older than 30 days, I recommend updating it by adding new information. 

Instead of working on each blog, I would recommend you personalize specific blogs. While updating the blogs, you can add more data, insert keywords with high traffic, and informative and appealing videos. If your blog adds educational content, then more visitors will read your content. Remember, the higher the traffic, the better the ranking. 

So, make sure you focus on the existing content to see a good boost in your website ranking. 

Use Schema Markup 

When it comes to enhancing website SEO, then how can we ignore the click-through rate. Your website performance directly depends on the CTR. More the CTR, the stronger the website SEO. 

Now, you might be thinking about how to do that? 

Well! Schema markup is one of the best ways to increase CTR. According to the research, only 0.3% of the websites include schema markup. This shows that various websites need to be updated.

Schema markup is a code that will help search engines to show informative content to the users. It offers rich snippets in Google search results that further give a boost to your SEO. 

You can utilize this tactic and rank your suite better in SERPs regardless of the content type like articles, products, movies, restaurants, local businesses, etc. 

Focus on Meta Description and Visuals

Last but not least, a tactic that can help you enhance your website on-page SEO is by adding accurate meta descriptions and visuals. 

We often overlook the meta descriptions, but it is one thing that could significantly impact search ranking. If your page has a compelling meta description, it directly increases the traffic to your page, further enhancing your ranking. 

According to the research, pages with accurate meta descriptions probably get 5.8% more clicks than those without them. 

With the meta description, you need to ensure that each image or video added to your site is strategically placed. Make sure the images and videos are saved with the proper name and right alt-text. 

So, make sure you focus on the optimization of images and videos along with the meta description. 

In a Nutshell 

On-page SEO is a vast topic. There are endless ways that one can consider while improving website visibility and traffic. But when it comes to improving your SEO, then content stands at the top. Maximizing your blog potential will help you in getting your site found in the search results. 

There are thousands of strategies. Hopefully, the above list of tactics will help you quickly improve your on-page website SEO. Considering these few things in mind will help you get your things much more effectively and without breaking your banks. 

So, what are you looking for? 

Start working on your website on-page and see the results. Still, if you want any assistance in implementing any of the above tactics or want to share some other practical approaches, feel free to get in touch by sharing your thoughts in the comments below. 


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