What is Meta Description in SEO? Is Meta Description Important?

What is Meta Description in SEO? Is Meta Description Important?

Many SEO Experts and SEO Practitioners say that in SEO, the meta description is important to rank your website on the top page of the search engine. Some say yes, it’s important, and some say it’s not that much needed.

SEO has developed amazingly, and that’s an ample opportunity for digital marketers throughout the globe. You’ve discovered this a hundred times; when creating search engine optimization (SEO), you must constantly write for the user first and the search engine next. 

It couldn’t be further true when it proceeds to write compelling and action-oriented meta descriptions for your web pages.

What is Meta Description

The Meta Description is a meta tag that describes what the page (article) is about. This meta description is presented in the SERPs under the title of the page.

In other words, explanation: A meta description is a little bit, a description tag in HTML, compiling a web page’s content. On a search engine results page.

Meta Description is one of a web page’s meta tags. With this meta information, the web page can concisely describe the content and quality of a page. The page information is usually revealed when a particular question is classified as a snippet on the search results page.

The purpose of Meta Description is to explain the page’s contents to the searcher (users). The top aim is to influence and satisfy the searcher to click through to your web page. Any information that matches the search term is bolded in the description.

Example: If you search for “Best DSLR Cameras under $7000”, many results will appear on the screen; on that search results, you can see below your searched query with a bold view “Best DSLR Cameras under $7000″

Is Meta Descriptions Important?

Meta descriptions can have a meaningful influence on your search engine optimization purposes. Google’s concluding words on meta description are (use appropriate content-related descriptions). 

Having high-quality descriptions can be presented in Google’s search results and is advantageous for your website. 

The meta description snippet also displays when you share your post link on social media. This is an added possibility to influence users to click your post. 

Why Are Meta Descriptions Important for Rankings

Why meta description is essential in SEO to rank your website page, here below are some points.

If you write a well-researched and detailed meta description of your click-through rate (CTR) to your site from the SERPs.

Google states that the meta description doesn’t begin to direct page rank privileges. Yet, there is an implied interest, as a well-written meta description will improve CTR, and Google does use this user-controlled metric to define a page’s rank place.

Users will click the content that attracts them and responds to their queries, so make sure to write your meta description with the user in remembrance. 

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter regularly use a page’s description tag when posted on their sites. Without the meta description tag, social sharing sites may utilize the first paragraph text they can obtain.

A meta description is a short but powerful appearance of search engine optimization – it’s your opportunity to strike out your opponents. Too many companies transmit this out and, in turn, miss out on a significant chance to improve CTR.

Be certain to write an appealing meta description for your website that prompts end-users to pick you over your opponents.


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