Google new option Users can Delete the last 15 Minutes of Search History

Google new option Users can Delete the last 15 Minutes of Search History

Google is beginning a new privacy feature for search that allows you immediately delete/clear your last 15 minutes of search history on your smartphone.

The company Google announced on Thursday. The new option was initially unveiled beside some other search and Chrome improvements at I/O 2021 and is presently rolling out to everyone.

The new option to delete your last 15 minutes of search history is currently only possible in Google’s iOS app and is directed to Android following this year.

On desktop, your opportunities for removing searches are limited to setting your history to auto-delete every three, 18, or 36 months 18 months is the default for new accounts or removing searches manually. How generally you do to clear the history.

Google states it only follows your search history to personalize your experience when the “Web and App Activity” setting is allowed.

Figuring a method to delete your history immediately is great for your peace of mind. Still, it also suggests you can get remarkable of the advantages the people who’ve caught the time to mess with their settings appropriate without making the additional work.

Assume it as an emergency oh no button for inconvenient, embarrassing, or just definite private searches. If you’d rather secure your searches from opening, non-Google eyes preferably than delete them, Google also allows the opportunity to password protects your search history.


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