Google Play Store App’s submission is changing from APK to new Development

Google Play Store App’s submission is changing from APK to new Development

Google has declared a significant development for developers who require to list their apps on Google Play that could influence the Android app ecosystem.

The usual format for app publishing is the APK, but Google will need that new Play app are published instead of using the Android App Bundle beginning in August.

On a Google page regarding Android App Bundle, the company touts several possible developments with the new format, such as fewer app downloads for users.

But the format has a difficulty: Android App Bundles are a setup that only Google Play uses, which could involve app redistribution.

The timing of Google’s announcement also arrives just days after Microsoft announced Windows 11, which can grant you sideload Android apps as APKs.

Google’s switch to App Bundles may indicate that there will be several apps ready to run on Microsoft’s new operating system. However, you’ll likewise be ready to get Android apps on Windows 11 from the Amazon Appstore.

The necessity to use Android App Bundles only pertains to new apps, according to Google. “Existing apps are currently excluded, as are private apps being published to accomplished Google Play users,” the company states.

And if you’re a developer intending on releasing a new app, you only have a short time to make sure you’re practicing the new format.


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