Apple: Windows Precision Touchpad gestures in the Boot Camp update

Apple: Windows Precision Touchpad gestures in the Boot Camp update

Apple is ultimately adding support for Windows Precision Touchpad drivers in its most advanced Boot Camp update.

The new apple 6.1.15 update combines support for Windows Precision Touchpad, including single tap to click, lower-right corner to right-click, three or four-finger gestures, and down motion to scroll up.

Several Reddit users marked the sudden update went live on 10 June, and it operates more reliable than third-party solutions like Trackpad++ and mac-precision-touchpad that users have had to use for years.

“Works way better than both of them with better palm and thumb detection too,” mentioned one of Reddit users.

Microsoft beginning commenced introducing Windows Precision Touchpad with Intel in 2013 to decide what were notorious PC trackpad concerns at the time.

It has exerted Apple a long time to allow Windows Precision Touchpad in Boot Camp, but not all MacBooks are supported.

An Apple support document transcribes that only Mac computers with a T2 chip will access Windows Precision Touchpad, which is the utmost MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models from 2018 onward.

Here is the list of Mac models with the Apple T2 Security Chip.

The timing of such an important update to Boot Camp is also unexpected and could indicate that Intel-based Macs will coincide with Apple’s M1-based Macs for a while, though.

Apple stopped Intel-based MacBook Airs last year, but you can, however, purchase a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel CPU for now. Apple has stated that its “transition to Apple silicon will necessitate about two years to complete.”


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