10 Tricks For Those Who are Just Bought a New iPhone

10 Tricks For Those Who are Just Bought a New iPhone

You can do many things with your new iPhone that you probably don’t know about. Some will help you improve your performance; others are fun, and others will save you time. Do you want us to see the selected ones? Go!

Tricks For Those Who are New iPhone Users

1. Silence Unknown Calls

Let’s face it, and we have the contacts we need. Rarely does an unknown number belong to someone significant? And now many companies use them for advertising. Well, you have the option to silence all calls from numbers that you don’t have on your contact list. To do this, open the Settings app, choose Phone, and turn on Silence Unknown Callers.

2. Prevent Audio Messages from Expiring

Audio messages via iMessage disappear after 2 minutes. To prevent them from disappearing automatically, you have to go to Settings, Messages, scroll down, and in “Audio Messages,” press Expire and then Never.

3. Become a Slow Fire

The front cameras of the latest iPhones allow you to shoot in slow motion. You can do it with the open Camera app. Go into SLO-MO, tap the camera switch icon to use the front camera, and tap the record button.

4. Eliminate Size Limitations on App Downloads

Apple has an application to prevent you from exceeding the contracted data when downloading an app. could only download larger files over Wi-Fi. To remove that download limit go into Settings, tap iTunes & App Store, then App Downloads, and then tap Disable Limit.

5. Enable Night Mode

If you still don’t know what night mode is about, we tell you that what it does is invert the colors on your screen, and whites become black. This option allows you to rest your eyes. You can ask Siri to activate it or open Control Center by swiping down diagonally in the upper right corner of your iPhone screen. Press and hold the brightness indicator (with a sun icon) and activate Night Shift.

6. Extend Battery Life

Your iPhone has a feature called “Optimized Battery Charging” that will try to extend the life of your smartphone battery. The tool uses machine learning to understand your daily charging routine. To turn it on, go to Settings, scroll down, select Battery/Battery Health, and toggle the switch to the on position.

7. Your iPhone will Flash When you Receive a Notification

Suppose you prefer a visual signal instead of an audible one. In that case, you can activate this option on your iPhone in Settings, General, Accessibility, scroll, and press Activate LED flash for alerts. 

8. Measure Objects with your iPhone

How often have you needed a tape measure and didn’t have it at hand? You can measure what you need with your smartphone. We have to say that it is not 100% reliable, but it will get you out of trouble. Here’s what you need to do: Open the Measure app and move your iPhone so the device can scan the area. Hold your iPhone, so the camera is pointed at the object you want to measure.

9. One-handed Keyboard

Over the years, and as the screen size of our mobile phones has increased, it has become challenging for us to write with one hand. On iPhone, you will find an option to reduce the keyboard. You can enable the feature by pressing and holding the emoji or globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard. You will then have to select the right or left-handed keyboard icon and tap the arrow in the blank space created by the keyboard switch to return to normal.

10. Change the Size of Text and Windows

These two configurations can be interesting if you have visual problems or like to see everything in a big way. These options are found in the Display & Brightness section of iOS Settings called Text Size and Display. With Text size, you can increase or decrease the size of the letters of the operating system. With Visualization, you will increase or reduce the size of windows and speech bubbles.

With this, you already have a while of entertainment. Of course, there are many more tricks, but we’ll have to leave them for another post. In the meantime, you have the best roaming rates to have your iPhone at total capacity. Get the one you like the most!


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