Facebook reportedly building a smartwatch and planning to sell it next year

Facebook reportedly building a smartwatch and planning to sell it next year

The social media giant Facebook is now working on a smartwatch that it intends to release and may sell upcoming next year.

As per a report by The Information, the smartwatch that Facebook is making will be an Android-based smartwatch.

However, it is not confirmed whether the smartphone will use its operating system or rely on Google’s Wear OS to run the show.

The report says that the Facebook smartwatch will develop loaded with health and fitness features.

While that is not something unusual, the different feature that the smartwatch could appear with is the facility to send messages from the watch directly.

Right now, this type of feature is not detected in any of the smartwatches. If rumors are to be believed, Facebook could begin selling the smartwatch next year.

The companies have not achieved this feature despite originating smartwatches with large screens.

In terms of hardware, Facebook had earlier developed Oculus virtual reality headsets and Portal video chat devices.

Apart from the watch, Facebook is supposed to be working on Ray-Ban smart glasses and an augmented reality research enterprise known as Project Aria.

Tight company has over 6000 employees serving on its augmented reality project. Facebook has not confirmed nor refused the news.

This was regarding Facebook’s hardware projects. Now getting to the software, Facebook is reportedly operating on an app related to Clubhouse.

Interestingly, the news of Facebook building an app surfaced six days after CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg entered Clubhouse.

A New York Times report has exposed that Facebook has claimed its product team to design an app related to Clubhouse.

The app is in its initial stages of growth.

“We’ve been combining people through audio and video technologies for many years and are constantly exploring new ways to enhance that experience for people,” Emilie Haskell, a Facebook spokesperson, told The NYT.

Facebook has ever taken a keen curiosity in its competitors. It has unless acquired its competitors or created something more essential to overshadow its products.

Facebook has received over WhatsApp, Instagram, and even Oculus after these apps frequently grew popular among the younger audience. Currently, the Clubhouse has hogged the limelight amongst users across the world.

The Clubhouse is unique in each way. Just like every other app, you cannot download the Clubhouse from the App Store.

It is an invite-only app, which suggests you can only connect the app when requested by an existing user of the app.


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