Facebook adds Watch Together feature to Messenger app

Facebook adds Watch Together feature to Messenger app

The Facebook app to add video viewing is Facebook Messenger. The company today announced Watch Together, the all-new feature inside the messenger messaging app that allows you to view videos from Facebook Watch while also seeing a live video of your friends. It’s rolling out globally beginning today on iOS and Android.

To utilize the Watch together facebook messenger feature, swipe up on a video call or Messenger Room and touch the new Watch Together option.

Facebook will recommend videos for you to watch, or you can browse categories or search for a particular video. You can watch with as numerous as eight people on a Messenger video call or up to 50 people in a Messenger Room.

Facebook states there are now 150 million video calls on Messenger a day, and that users send 200 million videos to one added daily. “It’s especially getting more and more visual, and it continues to improve very, very fast,” stated Stan Chudnovsky, who operates Messenger, in an interview.

Shared video consumption is perhaps the most notable new app feature of 2020. Disney Plus launched its version, GroupWatch, on Friday, following Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Twitch. While third-party apps like Scener let people view multiple various services together; Scener adds HBO.

There are essential distinctions between Watch Together and those apps, though. All of them have much more important and more popular libraries of content than Facebook Watch, which includes a somewhat complicated assortment of original series, live events, music videos, creator content, and a small number of Hollywood movies.

And other joint video answers can usually be experienced on the larger screen of the laptop or desktop, whereas Watch Together needs viewing video on the smaller mobile phone screen. You can use Watch Together in either portrait or landscape mode, though.

Chudnovsky stated that new tests found that the feature is recommended, especially with next-generation users who may not have entrance to their laptops yet. “The more youthful you are, the more you like it,” he said.


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